A new look at the life of our succulents

Новый взгляд на жизнь наших суккулентов

Each of us with great trepidation relates to their plants. Sometimes really want to the flowers healed a new, fresh life. This article will help to remember a few simple rules to ensure that the succulents were always beautiful, and talk about fashionable today the way to arrange the space.

Новый взгляд на жизнь наших суккулентов

As you know, succulents — the plants are undemanding. For their comfortable existence is good enough lighting, fresh air, and in winter time it is necessary to keep the soil dry. Despite this, it is important to feed the plants extra food. Such funds are available for Pokon fertilizer manufacturer — they are easy to find by title “Fertilizer for cacti” (designation: cacti and succulents).

Besides the fact that succulents are advised to grow in flat pots, we want to tell about the graceful way of flowers growing in florariumov. The florariumov — a kind of alternative to the greenhouse, adapted to housing space. This whole area, having studied which, it is impossible to lose interest in him. They come in different shapes: crystals, spheres, cubes, sails. Sometimes even the succulents are grown in a kind teapots and bottles!.. The highlight is that every Floriana completely unique. So you wisely approached this delicate matter, the following are key points due to which the plants will live happily ever after.

Tips for growing succulents:

  • I’m sure many would not come to mind to implement this step, however, it is important to decontaminate the vessel before flowers it would settle.

  • First prepare the base for planting succulents. Prerequisite — at the bottom of your Floriana should be a layer of sand. Just above sprinkled with a layer keramzita or pebbles. At the end of poured the soil approximately 6 — 7 inches.

  • Before planting be sure to make in the prepared recess soil. We recommend you to plant plants not too close to each other — after some amount of time they can be not too comfortable. Landing better to do with the help of forceps, stainless steel, as shown in the picture.

  • Don’t forget about decorative elements. Can be diluted plants with moss, libmime whimsical figurines to your taste, stones, perhaps even rhinestones — then it’s up to your imagination.

  • When the basic procedures have been completed, water plants, indoor water is not too abundant. Further watering should be moderate in the warm time of the year, and in the winter time enough to water 1 time a week. One plant that generally requires 2 tbsp of water.

  • So, after reading this article, you can not be afraid to build succulents a new home with your own hands!