A new leader took the place of Malakhov in “Let them talk”

Новый ведущий занял место Малахова в «Пусть говорят»

The shooting of the new edition of the show “Let them talk” on channel “channel” is already in full swing, but on stage, instead of the famous Andrei Malakhov, who left the channel because of his wife’s pregnancy, there was Dmitry Borisov. Each of the stars on this account have been different reactions, but Stas Sadalsky has a particular point of view on this issue.

“All the important people refused, speakers do not count… I am Sure that Posner, Dorenko, Ivan Urgant, Pugacheva is not,” says Sadalsky, indicating that these stars in support of Malakhov does not appear in the new show. Stas disappointed that most of the stars were “traitors” came on transfer to a new host.

Moreover, Sadalsky said that after the scandalous conflict Malakhov with the leadership of the First channel, no self-respecting artist would not accept the invitation to become the new leader.

“Pop torn and shelupon a second-rate resort definitely take a picture to pollcat on TV! So betray friends! To watch Monday at 19.50 traitors… Warn that if that happens, come to pass, and you will do the same as with Andrew! Can not doubt”, warns their colleagues Sadalsky.

In SOC. already got footage from the filming of the program, and an employee of the New channel Ekaterina Andreeva have recorded a video that would show how in all hard work should a new issue with the presenter Dmitry Borisov.

“Now in this Studio will be mystery of Andrei Malakhov, I don’t know,” she said. Andreev is not going to disclose the information until 14 August.

To support a new anchor and lights on the canal in front of the whole world had a lot of stars, including: Ekaterina Andreeva, Maria Pogrebnyak, Vlad Lisovets, Dmitry Shepelev and Arina Sharapova. Show with these stars and the new host will be released on Monday, August 14.