A new image of Alla Pugacheva caused heated discussions

Новый образ Аллы Пугачевой вызвал бурные обсуждения Diva once again surprised the youth outfit. Anyway, she looks great in the recent photos that appeared in the microblog of her daughter Kristina Orbakaite. A new image of Alla Pugacheva made an impression on users of the social network.
Новый образ Аллы Пугачевой вызвал бурные обсуждения

Alla Pugacheva in April, said 69-fly. But a Diva does not get tired to surprise their fans. And if the new songs from her fans until she gave up, the image of the artist changes quickly and easily.

The singer is trying to look younger than your age: wears fashionable clothes, which can easily be put on any woman.

Her eldest daughter Orbakaite has stirred the Internet community, fresh photos of his famous mother. Fans noted that the prima Donna with their grandchildren – 20-year-old Dany Baysarov and 6-year-old daughter Claudia looks really fashionable and stylish. Youth pants, denim espadrilles, easy loose jacket, round sunglasses with blue lenses and shiny backpack – Pugacheva so, as it turned out, dressed in a normal day. Moreover, as noted by Internet users, Alla again younger.

“Alla – stylish, beautiful! Great family, wonderful grandchildren, Grandmother just super!” “Grandma looks very young! The kids are super!” – posted by Internet users.
Новый образ Аллы Пугачевой вызвал бурные обсуждения

Almost every exit of the prima Donna is the reaction of the public. However, it is not always daring outfits understand, sometimes the band gets from fans who criticized her appearance. Fans pay attention not only to what is worn on the head, but on the way she looks in General – consider the face, hair, hands. Pugachev replied only once to the subscribers for the harsh comments, noting that actually the years take their toll, and she often feels bad.

No matter what, Alla continues to lead an active lifestyle. Although not touring and not performing, but from time to time published on premieres, shows and elections, and spends every day with the younger children, what keeps her husband Maxim Galkin in his Instagram.

Pugacheva has promised his fans that if there is a feel to the 70-year anniversary will prepare a big solo concert and will arrange a tour of the cities of Russia and abroad.