A new favorite is Tina Kandelaki?

Новый фаворит Тины Канделаки? Our players sometimes grow into a great attacking sportavia.

      Новый фаворит Тины Канделаки?

      The treadmill in the gym is good for me because you can spy on the work of colleagues from other channels. And even without sound: when was the program “Match TV” called “Cult tour”, this guy, co-host of Sergei Shnurov, I remember. In the picture he radiated positivity and was kept more natural than kids and animals together, the costumes were sitting on it like James bond, but the main thing – eyes. They have Eugene Savin, do not believe it was light! Such sincere joy from what is happening in the Studio play is not possible. Typing General producer of the channel, Tina Kandelaki, I congratulated her on an excellent employee and, apparently, a new favorite. My playful hints Tina immediately dismissed, saying: “Nothing like that, he’s a child!” Later it turned out that the child is already 32 years old, he had played football in many clubs in the country from Tobolsk to Moscow, and on television brought him a friend – a sports journalist. We meet with Yevgeny Savin for a few hours before the ceremony GQ “man of the year” (Jack nominated “Face of TV”). But even the duck pond in the Catherine Park football commentator “Match TV” looks so elegant that even now on the scene.

      – A personal stylist? – is surprised Evgenie. – No, I’ll choose my own clothes. The sense of taste and style, perhaps you can buy, but still, it’s innate. My mother for fashion has always followed.

      Новый фаворит Тины Канделаки?

      – Your last record in the workbook – football club “Tyumen”. How do you hit the “Cult tour”?

      – Thanks to our friendship with Yuri Dude. It all began long ago, when Yuri worked in the magazine “Pro sport”, and I Guus Hiddink for the first time aroused in Russia and they came to make a report. The whole event – the head coach of the national team allocates to nobody the known 21-year-old striker from a modest provincial club in the Premier League. When running a channel “Match TV”, Yura was invited to lead the program, and he asked me if I wanted to try? I replied, of course, with pleasure, and it’s been nearly a year since working in the project “Cult tour”.

      – The feeling from the very first broadcast remember?

      – It was a strong emotion! The pilot was filmed in St. Petersburg, because there main star of our program

      Sergey Shnurov. Comes Jura, then the frame sits the Cord and begins to anneal, I look and think, where I actually got what I’m going to do here? Next awesome guys, discerning artists Manet and Monet, have read all the books in the world. But the guys took care of me, and to tenth air thanks to their support, I felt cool, interesting, I can do it. And his teleprograms I owe Tina Kandelaki, she is constantly pushing me to self-development, for which many thanks to her.

      Новый фаворит Тины Канделаки?

      – The behavior of some of our players after the failure at Euro 2016 in particular, drunk party Monaco Kokorin and Mamaev, what do you think?

      They are adults, have the right to decide how to manage their own money. But why go to provoke the upset fans?! Want to party, take off the yacht, get where no one sees you. After the match against Wales I was from the experience until four in the morning did not sleep, so low we never fell.

      Sixth year do you do children’s football, in Siberia and in the Urals, having a Cup of Savina. I hope will be a new star and what will change?

      – Yes, I believe that 9-year-old boys today who are participating in my tournament, change the mentality, and the desire to win is in their blood just like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Just sometimes a shame when you go in a city Department, they say: “a Cup of Savina?! Great. But you will hold your tournament will raise interest in football, and a bunch of kids come September 1, to enroll in sports school, and take them we can’t, no.”

      Новый фаворит Тины Канделаки?

      – At what age you started to hit the ball?

      – At the age of eight, quite late. First – I was born in Siberia, played hockey. But the cousin was fond of football and I was lured.

      – Girl with no special education can comment on the match, as did ex-wife Fyodor Smolova Victoria Lopyreva?

      – If a separate category and people with a sense of humor, why not? But the entire 90 minutes?! Don’t think such a conversation should go professional. The first time in our program we also observed a bias in favor of the different secular – Courchevel, concerts, Cord, etc. But we were going to a meeting and decided: after all we program about Russian football, and it needs to be in the first place.

      Новый фаворит Тины Канделаки?