Новая книга о Гарри Поттере раскрыла семейные тайны знаменитого волшебника
Fans rejoice: they waited for another book about their favorite hero!

Новая книга о Гарри Поттере раскрыла семейные тайны знаменитого волшебника

JK Rowling

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A new book about Harry Potter, went on sale
late last night, caused such an influx of buyers in bookstores
worldwide, what was not long ago. After all, young and adults “potteriany” waiting for
the way to continue the adventures of Harry for nine years! And waited without much hope, because
in 2007, shortly after the previous one, the seventh book about Potter, J. K. Rowling
said he was not going to continue this theme. She changed her mind only a few
years ago and now blessed fans with a new book.

A new book about Harry Potter

In contrast to the previous works of the writer, the new opus of the Rowling Potter is not a novel, a play. And it’s about the adventures Harry has an adult who works in the Ministry of Magic and he managed to acquire three children. Potter, of course, again confronts the evil forces. But in the course of the play reveals some dark secrets from the past of his parents…

In fact, a new book was released, by decision of Rowling as a “consolation prize” for those fans of Harry Potter who are not able to get on the show. As for the actual show, staged this play, it premiered in London yesterday. And tickets to the first performance were sold out a long time ago. Currently, Rowling is considering a proposal to implement production of a play about Harry and in America on Broadway.

The only sad for fans of Potter point in this story is that Rowling said this time the story Harry finally finished, and continue it for sure will not! However, who knows, maybe Joan even change my mind….

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