«Натуральный блондин!» Василиса Володина показала редкое фото подросшего сына
The star of “let’s get married!” touched by a family idyll.

Vasilisa Volodina with her husband and children: daughter Victoria and son Vyacheslav

Photo: @vasilisa.volodina Instagram Vasilisa Volodya

Vasilisa Volodina of the three leading show “let’s get married!” most of all protects the private life from attention. The astrologer rarely talks about his family and even more rarely shows photos of their households. But recently Volodin still showed their fans a rare and idyllic family portrait.

In the lens of the photographer this time were all members of the family of TV stars, including two year-old son Vyacheslav. His face Vasilisa does not show to the public, so closed it a picture of a Bunny. His daughter Victoria, who has grown very similar to the mother, Volodina, meanwhile, does not hide from fans.

TV presenter, unlike many stars, pretends that her life resembles a fairy tale. She frankly admits that in the house there are scandals, but Volodya to conflicts in the relationship with her husband a very special relationship. She believes that misunderstandings that occur between partners is a necessary “ingredient” for harmony in the family.

“Conflicts happen in any group, in any family. It is foolish to say otherwise. The state of “war” and “peace” in a relationship alternate, creating roughness and forcing to work on yourself and partner. If balance is all the time leans towards the “war” is difficult, although filmmakers like to make about this movie. But if rough edges, flares, clarification, conflict was not at all, life would not be filled, after meaningful reconciliations. According to the results played right conflict relations are improving and growing!” — sure, Vasilisa.