A native of Vladimir flirted with David Duchovny on set in Hollywood

Уроженка Владимира любезничала с Дэвидом Духовны на съемках в Голливуде Advertising burgers, a small apartment on the outskirts of Los Angeles and work in the restaurant – Kate Bakina told about the wrong side of an acting career in the United States. The girl believes that will achieve everything by herself, because now she was lucky to appear in pictures with famous movie stars.

    Уроженка Владимира любезничала с Дэвидом Духовны на съемках в Голливуде

    Music, white limousine, the hero of Richard Gere screams “Princess Vivien!” Julia Roberts in the image of the girls looks out the window. A millionaire up the fire escape and asks: “He climbed the tower and saved her, and then what?” A gentle kiss and the VoiceOver: “Come to Hollywood, all come here, this is the land of dreams. Some come true, others are not… the Dream is never late.” The concluding seconds of “Beauty” is remembered by many.

    Kate Bakina from Vladimir in 2010 he decided to conquer Hollywood. Now in her portfolio only a small role, but famous Actresses are not born but made.

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    After school she decided to enter the Moscow theater Institute. Parents support daughter, went with her to the entrance exams in the capital.

    “There are no preparatory courses in Vladimir was not, I was getting ready in the mirror, – told 25-year-old Katya “StarHit”. – Portrayed emotions, learn to cry in order to recite poems. But before the selection Committee realized that my training initiative. Many students worked with teachers, some even starred in the famous TV series. Remember how I went over and sat down next to Pavel Serdyuk, he played Dennis Shatalina in the series “My fair nanny”, that’s when I realized my chances are negligible”.

    Уроженка Владимира любезничала с Дэвидом Духовны на съемках в Голливуде

    Katya tried to get into GITIS, VGIK and “Sliver.” We do not take anywhere. After returning home, the girl filed papers in the Vladimir state University on specialty Museolog. Successfully studied for four years.

    “In the summer of 2010 we, the students, offered to go on an exchange program in the United States – continues Katia. Four months of work and one to travel around the country. We had to pay for the flight and pass the exam on knowledge of the language. I talked to my parents, they helped with money. The receiving party has suggested several options of jobs in the service sector, housing, had to look for myself. The choice was new York, Washington… But I decided that I would go to Los Angeles. After a number of Hollywood! And chose the restaurant on Rodeo drive, where they filmed scenes from “Beauty”.

    Katya took a small apartment on the outskirts. The road took more than an hour, had to go with transfers, sometimes time is not enough even for lunch. And rent away all the money. Had to find a part time job in the gift shop Bakina laid out the products on the shelves. And gain experience, I became an administrator in another restaurant.

    “One day I was approached by a man who had the Manager of the production center , – says Katya. – Stretched the business card. By surprise, I even ask nothing yet. A few days later dialed the number, went to the meeting. Only then I realized: if invited to the Agency, this does not mean that you “shove” in show business. They offer auditions, but do not guarantee that you will suit the role. I tried to go on as many hits. Remember the first casting, it was advertising clothes. There are hundreds of beauties when it was my turn, asked to walk, talk, shoot, how I behave in front of the camera, said “thanks” and all. Then another casting again and again… all waivers. I began to think, maybe I have no talent, only the desire”.
    Уроженка Владимира любезничала с Дэвидом Духовны на съемках в Голливуде

    All ahead

    She decided to go to acting classes. Stopped their choice on the coach, the Arena Speiser, he is collaborating with will Smith, Gerard Butler and Jennifer Lopez.

    “I heard about it, watched video tutorials on the Internet. Training cost around $1,000 for three months, had to turn on the saving mode. Classes Aren taught to grow into the role, not to beat and, most importantly, not to respond to failures. In the group we had about ten people, the teacher was able to help everyone.”

    Soon she has got a role in a commercial network of fast food restaurants.

    “About that many young actors can only dream of – says Katya. – It was a national is played throughout the country. I played a simple American girl of the replicas I had. Just moved in front of the camera, smiling widely. Filmed two versions of the movie, and in the end took the one where I was not playing. But I paid good money and turned the screen actors Guild USA: it is a kind of trade Union which protects the rights, you can get there only after some success – for example, work in a commercial for national television.”
    Уроженка Владимира любезничала с Дэвидом Духовны на съемках в Голливуде

    After that, Kate was invited to the fashion shows, shooting for apparel catalogs, and after another six months and in a small role in the famous TV series and movies. At the auditions barely uttered her name – Bacina, had to be cut, thus was born the nickname – Kate Bai. Underneath, she starred in the TV series “Aquarius” David Duchovny, “Two and a half men” with Ashton Kutcher and “Lucifer”, “gangster City”, “Brooklyn”, and she got a small role in the full meter – in “128 beats per minute”, starring Zac Efron.

    Shooting – a long and laborious process, – says Catherine. On the screen the viewer sees the thirty-second spot, followed by many hours of work. Day starts at 5-6 o’clock in the morning, and often ends after midnight. I was lucky with partners, they do not suffer from star disease, they could come and talk. Remember starred with David Duchovny. In the frame I had to hand him a guitar. In between he grabbed her and sang songs to the whole group. Was very positive and sociable person. A couple of times I’ve starred in music videos of Russian artists: in the video “Disco Crash” – “the Swing” and “Nogu Svelo!” – My Name Is Dick, the singers came up and said that they were happy to see a compatriot.

    Now Katya is actively removed, the project, with Nicole Kidman. Many of the paintings are still so many ready to hire. Fees for shooting are allowed to leave the old job and rent an apartment with two bedrooms in a good area of Studio city.

    “I don’t consider myself a successful actress, but I’m trying to become. Like all people who are involved in movie, I want to receive “Oscar”, – says Katya. – But seriously, my main dream is a big job in a feature film. I hope I will achieve it. Now my goal is to get more meaningful roles where I can show that girls do much.”