Обнаженный Николай Басков шокировал худобой
The singer lost a few clothing sizes.

Nikolay Baskov

Photo: @nikolaibaskov Instagram Nikolai Baskov

Nikolay Baskov made a pleasant surprise for the female half of their fans. The artist has published in the microblog photo, which appeared in only some swimming trunks. The singer rarely allows himself such “pranks”, that’s probably why the picture caused a stir among his podeschi.

By the way, photos of this nature in the microblog singer, most likely, in the near future will increase. The fact that not so long ago, Nicholas took up the fight against excess weight and achieved stunning success. In just six months, he was able to lose several clothing sizes and very proud of it.

No special diets, according to Nikolay, he did not use. To think that he must take himself in hand and something to change he came shortly before the start of the tour. “I was preparing for the show and realized that I just can’t roll up on the scene. I have to make an entrance. I sewed new costumes. I was a size 54 and now 46!” — said Nikolai in the show “Smak”. And the bride Baskov — Sophie of Kalcheva added: the secret of her bridegroom that he refused to negativity and became a devotee of positive thinking and this was reflected in his figure.

“How cool lost is!” “Goodbye fat and immediately looked younger years on ten. Admirable!”, “An example to all who go tubby! Nicholas clever!” — texting him fans.