A mistress-Katya Semenova had responded to her allegations

Любовница мужа Кати Семеновой ответила на её обвинения
The singer announced her divorce from her husband.

Katya Semenova with her husband Michael

Photo: Social networks

Katya Semenova made an official statement that divorces her husband, Michael, Tereshenko after 25 years of marriage. More recently, the singer was placing his blessed example to all the husbands of her friends, and now, speaking of the wife, picks up censorship of speech. What has changed? Semenov has declared that found out about the betrayal of Michael.

About the fact that her husband has a mistress, the actress found out a year ago, and all the time tried unsuccessfully to return to the family understanding. But it turned out that it was impossible, Semenov decided to file for divorce. “I called this woman, told that I was just in shock. I developed reactive depression on the basis of experience, but still tried to save the marriage. The petition for divorce was filed then, but the process was suspended. I was hoping, but now intends to forgive. A man can not accidentally change two years. And it goes on so much!” — says Katya.

The reporters of the program “You wouldn’t believe” managed to find a woman who is credited with the blame for the breakup Semenova with her husband. It was an old friend of Michael, Natalia. “I don’t know why Catherine wrote it. I do not understand what is happening. I didn’t even know that they are getting a divorce. Yes, I do not wonder!” — admitted a possible home wrecker.

Simultaneously, Kate’s husband admitted his guilt and publicly repented of his actions. “What you do about me write here is completely true. I’m just an idiot. 25 years together, accustomed, began to take happiness for granted. Now see, maybe later!” — admitted Michael.