A million and a chance to get in the show “DANCING” on TNT

Миллион и шанс попасть в шоу «ТАНЦЫ» на ТНТ

From 19 to 27 June, in Sochi will host the dance event of the summer “Camp PROТАНЦЫ” that will not go unnoticed.

The TV show “DANCING” on TNT will get out of the sequel this summer. “Camp PROТАНЦЫ” will gather this summer dance party on the coast of Krasnodar, in the framework of professional master classes and competitions once again to join the dance wave that has seized Russia with the release of the show on the screens.

The camp is an opportunity to learn from professional choreographers and dancers from around the world to share experiences and to increase their level of skill and also chance to change the life, having got to the stage of the most ambitious dance show “DANCING” on TNT. The winners will share the prize of 1 000 000 rubles!

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Winners will be determined by the judges, they are also teachers at the camp: the mentor show “DANCING” on TNT and creative producer Miguel camp, the choreographers of the show Ekaterina Reshetnikova, Julia Kashkina, Anatoly Voynov, Alexander Mogilev, choreographer and headliner STAGE of the program SESSION Artour Astman, stellar choreographers from around the world: Jonte, Tony Tzar and Phillip Chbeeb aka PACMAN.

In the schedule of the camp’s three programs, for professionals and Amateurs covering a variety of dance styles, from hip-hop to modern jazz.

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URBAN SESSION (for professionals) will test your endurance and challenge myself. Participants will find themselves in conditions as close as possible to the project “DANCE”. His skill to share celebrities, and leading choreographers of the project “DANCING” on TNT: Ekaterina Reshetnikova, Alexei Shaburov, Vitaliy Klimenko (Screw) and mentor of the project – Miguel. Styles: hip-hop, jazz-funk, locking, vogue and dancehall.

STAGE SESSION (for experienced and Amateurs) – the headliner will be the popular choreographer and dancer Arthur Astman from Israel, winner of the show Born to dance, is known for his innovative approach to productions. Styles: master classes in jazz, modern, contemporary, contact improvisation and original choreography.

INTRO SESSION (perfect for beginners) – participants will have the opportunity to communicate with the participants of the show “DANCING” on TNT, because they will lead master classes. Among the teachers: the winner of the second season of Maxim Nesterovich, Anton Panufnik, Vitaly Savchenko, Nikita Orlov, Ivan Mazikin, Klevakin Oleg, Elena Basenko (Foam), Nastya Cherednikova, Julianna Korshunova and Vlad Kim. The program will also include master classes in all areas represented at the camp.

The most up to date information on camp on the project site.

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