A middle-aged wife of Gauguin, Solntsevo district, “He makes you care, and I forget about age”

Немолодая жена о Гогене Солнцеве: «Он обволакивает заботой, и я забываю о возрасте» The showman and his 63-year-old fiancee got married at the Moscow wedding Palace on 12 April this year. Since then, around a pair of, do not cease rumors and scandals, many people simply do not believe in the sincerity of feelings of the newlyweds. Gauguin Solntsev and Catherine the Tereshkovich decided to respond to the spiteful critics.
Немолодая жена о Гогене Солнцеве: «Он обволакивает заботой, и я забываю о возрасте»

Gauguin Solntsev became the protagonist of the new edition of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”. Experts and guests of talk shows vigorously discussed his marriage to 63-year-old Catherine Tereshkovich. Now the pair flew to Cyprus to bright to spend a honeymoon.

The lovers got in touch with the Studio via Skype, they told me how they were born their relationship. Also Catherine and Gauguin showed on camera true feelings to each other. Mom Gauguin Lyudmila Kravtsova for the sake of conversation with the son also appeared in the program. The woman’s furious daughter-in-law. She expressed everything he thinks about the Tereshkovich.

“This son the enemy does not want, to be honest. When I had financial problems, I asked for help from him!.. When I found out that he married me it was shattering, and I once again came to the hospital with a stroke,” said Lyudmila.
Немолодая жена о Гогене Солнцеве: «Он обволакивает заботой, и я забываю о возрасте»

According to mother Gauguin, Catherine is not worthy of her son. The woman repeated several times that he considers the elderly daughter-in-law ugly woman. “It’s all happening on my bones! If you look on her appearance, I much better! Don’t know where it goes? He’s a young guy, build him a family, give birth to children. And it is scary as a nuclear war” – summed up the head.

To protect Catherine stood our colleague, the creative editor of the magazine “StarHit” Olga Rodina. The expert advised the Tereshkovich to get in shape, using the services of professionals. “She has a good figure, but lacks tuning. She may need to consult your stylist, perhaps to a surgeon… But I think that in the future. The woman is not carrying, she had no grandchildren. We have the time for stereotypes. Kate can spend time with myself,” said Olga.

Catherine, in turn, decided to respond to the attacks of her husband and some experts. She told me that she really happy with Gauguin. In her confession, only with this man she forgot about her age and again feel young and desirable.

“I am absolutely confident woman, I’m competitive. You know, Ilya [real name Gauguin’s] mother and a difficult relationship, try not to get involved. They have it lasts quite long… you will not find All. My mom also had a difficult relationship, you’d better stand aside”, – explained Ekaterina guests and participants of the talk show.

Ekaterina told that she has a daughter. According to the woman, the first heir did not approve the choice of the mother, but soon came to terms with the shocking presence of a stepfather.

Немолодая жена о Гогене Солнцеве: «Он обволакивает заботой, и я забываю о возрасте»“Yes, I have a daughter. At first she reacted with great hesitation… And now, when the wedding took place, has become more tolerant. She’s happy if I’m happy. I was officially married, did not have… Then there were a few civil marriages, but I was bored with these men,” – shared memories Tereshkovich.
Немолодая жена о Гогене Солнцеве: «Он обволакивает заботой, и я забываю о возрасте»

Gauguin stood up for his wife. He said that before the wedding, Lyudmila already strongly called names and humiliated the lovers – on one of the local talk shows. That is why he didn’t invite mother to the wedding. Showman also said that his mother several years mimics many of the disease, thus the woman allegedly wants to cash in on a famous son.

The sun has frankly told about them by Catherine the family budget.

“We have a common purse, shared expense, and the expenses we share – to the extent possible. We have a few cards. And what bring the and pay,” said Gauguin.
Немолодая жена о Гогене Солнцеве: «Он обволакивает заботой, и я забываю о возрасте»

Catherine said that works in construction and gets a decent salary. According to the women, it does not bother that the young spouse claims for housing Catherine in the center of Moscow. “I get a percentage of the transactions, and the pension I have. I do not see anything unusual that Gauguin like my apartment. I want to manage to live another 20 years. It’s a human life, in General, expect to live to a hundred,” admitted the Tereshkovich.

Then the woman once confessed to him in love. “He surrounds me with care, I just forget his age, said the woman. – Love is poison, she also treats. We met for the first time in the theater, a mutual friend brought. But I already know who Gauguin Solntsev what he does. Closer met in 2015…” – said Catherine.

And soon in the Studio was aunt Gauguin Svetlana p. Cherepanov. Showman has repeatedly admitted in interviews that it was she who raised him, not his own mother.

“It has its own theatre, he was recognized on all the streets. I am very happy for them! I have the euphoria has not yet passed all this!” – said Svetlana.

Experts and guests in the Studio were divided into two camps. Some believe: Gauguin and Catherine really love each other. Others believe: marriage scandalous showman and pensioners soon will collapse. As an example, many remembered the wedding of Prokhor Chaliapin and Larisa Kopenkina. Prokhor Chaliapin publicly apologized Larisa Kopenkina