Дело привычки: какие традиции соблюдают звезды в путешествиях Alexander Revva made family to swim, and Jane spends the holidays reading books. “StarHit” learned some things celebrity will take with you on trips and what do you prefer doing on vacation.

      Дело привычки: какие традиции соблюдают звезды в путешествиях

      During the holiday season, many celebrities adhere to a specific routine or the whole satisfied with the rituals. “StarHit” learned the wife of the showman Alexander Revva, why their family sails on twenty miles away, and asked Yana Churikova and Nyusha on what they must do on vacation.

      Sit deep

      Yana Churikova performs a ritual appease a pagan God

      We presenter two passions – snowboarding and scuba diving. It is the first fad made a celebrity on new year’s holidays to go to a ski resort “Rosa Khutor”, where she will spend the next 5 days. There before to ski, Churikova will hold a ceremony, which taught her fellow divers.

      “In order to “diving” or “ride,” depart, I make a ritual called “Morganite on the weather,” says TV presenter “StarHit”. His goal is to appease the pagan God of the tribes of the Baikal – Burkhan. Done in the evening, triggered the next day. Taken a glass or a glass with nebelkorona drink, and alternately ochropleura all directions. The next morning, if the weather is bad, so bad nabuhanie!”

      Turns novels

      Singer Nyusha takes to rest five books

      Дело привычки: какие традиции соблюдают звезды в путешествиях

      A busy concert schedule 26-year-old artist rarely allows her to spend time alone with a book. But the star figured out how to compensate for the lack of reading, the artist, going on a trip, puts it in a suitcase for five novels and collections of short stories. A trip to the ocean that Nyusha will go in January, is no exception.

      “One of the books I usually opened later in the plane, – says Nyusha, and all vacation days as much as possible try to read: it helps me relax. This time I brought the novels of Khaled Hosseini – “the kite Runner”, “And echo flying on the mountains” and “a Thousand shining suns”. Them, and also “the Goldfinch” Donna Tartt and “Two brothers” by Ben Elton I advised a friend Mary – she is well versed in modern literature. Last vacation I “swallowed” the two volumes of the acclaimed “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts, “the Little lady of the big house” Jack London, “the Girl with the dragon tattoo” Stieg Larsson and “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes – all books made a huge impression on me”.

      Such a romantic

      Dmitry Dibrov in the journey every night, drives the wife to a new restaurant

      Дело привычки: какие традиции соблюдают звезды в путешествиях

      The host of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” On 4 January with his wife Pauline for two weeks, went to a romantic trip to Miami.

      “I was looking forward to this trip, because we loved so rarely alone with each other – says “StarHit” Pauline. – We with Dima and I have a tradition on vacation every day we go to some new restaurant. Most of all I remember how, as in November last year in Lausanne, Switzerland, we visited the restaurant located on the roof of one of the hotels. In the middle of the evening we were approached by a violinist and began to play my favorite melody from the Opera “Orpheus and Eurydice” – Dima pre-agreed with him. It was incredibly touching, I couldn’t hold back the tears…”

      Come on, goodbye!

      Loboda spends a vacation off the phone

      Дело привычки: какие традиции соблюдают звезды в путешествиях

      The singer Svetlana Loboda met the new year holidays also in Miami. Sunny coast star attends for the fourth time, now to the ocean, she went in the company of friends and 5-year-old daughter Evangeline.

      “I plan how to sleep, – said 34-year-old Svetlana with “StarHit”. – I need to help the habit that I cultivated within myself a year ago. A plane to land in a foreign country, I send a SMS to mom that it’s all right, we flew. And after cut the phone and all the rest do not take it in hand – include only on the day of departure. It helps me to relieve the brain, to break away from Moscow’s hustle and bustle and spending time with my daughter”.

      To walk on the water

      The family of Alexander Revva floats twenty miles away

      Дело привычки: какие традиции соблюдают звезды в путешествиях

      Resident of Comedy Club with his wife Angelica and daughters – 9-year-old Alice and 3-year-old Amelie will spend the holidays in Vietnam. There is family planning not only to relax and sunbathe, but also to get rid of the acquired over the new year’s table pounds.

      “Two years ago, Sasha was introduced to us as a good tradition, – says the wife of the showman Angelica. – If we go to the sea or ocean, a mandatory part of the rest are water treatments. But we are not just swimming and splashing in the waves, and approach the issue more serious. Coming to the beach, Sasha was calculating how many meters you can swim along the shoreline, commanded: “So, girls, follow me!” and we’re going to swim. Amelie, of course, can not be on par with everyone, and here we are with Alice indulgences the Pope does not – alert to keep up with him. Every day we overcome one kilometer, and given that I go to relax not less than for three weeks for vacation accumulates a decent distance.”

      Goes in the mail

      Anna Peskova family sends cards and buys magnets

      Дело привычки: какие традиции соблюдают звезды в путешествиях

      Producer, and actress Anna Peskova trying to please friends and relatives postcards, which buys pleasure. She sends them home from any post office. Anna also brings the magnets that adorn her fridge.

      “We were recently in Amsterdam and I found a postcard with a bridge, which was photographed a few minutes ago! The most exotic place where I have the card is the island of Saint Kitts and Nevis, near the Dominican Republic. There tourism is now underdeveloped and you can still feel the local flavor. On arrival we were met by local dances and songs, and put each a necklace of flowers. An unforgettable experience. Very soulful and warm. Also, to experience the country and local flavor, I love to take a car and go to small towns and villages in the County. To get acquainted with the locals, watch far from the eyes of the tourists places and of course, learn the peculiarities of nature and wildlife. And upon arrival home, we take note of the places visited, and making plans for future trips”, – said Peskov.

      Gourmandise and water treatment

      Lubava Greshnova trying local dishes

      Actress Lubava Greshnova tries to combine the pleasant with the useful. During her travels she tries to swim in the river or the sea, try seafood and exercise.

      “The main tradition is to check in to the hotel or apartment — dip, if possible, in the local pond. Or at least walk along the seafront. Before you leave come to the water, and toss a coin, because I believe in the tradition that it will help to return. At this point, be sure to thank the country and city visited, and asked them to take me to her again. Another “water tradition” – dinner at the beach one evening. I on a horoscope water sign, cancer, and how people really love this element. Cafe by the water, picnic on the waterfront or a beautiful dinner on the beach – the water, sunset, and delicious food, this evening, as experience shows, usually remains the bright spot in the memory. In Europe, we are looking to find a rooftop restaurant to have Breakfast there early in the morning, with a Cup of coffee to see the city from a height,” – said Greshnova “StarHit”.