A long-awaited holiday in the family Bondarchuk will be held without guests

Долгожданный праздник в семье Бондарчука пройдет без гостей
Granddaughters birthday was on the verge of collapse.

Долгожданный праздник в семье Бондарчука пройдет без гостей

Svetlana Bondarchuk with granddaughter Veruca

Today, the granddaughter of Fyodor Bondarchuk, Vera, is two
year. In honor of this event, a caring mother — Tatiana, the wife of Director son of
Sergey, decorated the house and garden so that it turned into a magic Kingdom. Brightly colored large balloons hovering over the green lawn balls
in the form of letters, established in the name of the birthday girl, bright safe trampoline in the form
castle — everything is ready in one week waiting for little friends Virusi!

Долгожданный праздник в семье Бондарчука пройдет без гостей

Tata Bondarchuk

However, at the last moment the visit, all guests had to urgently cancel. Big sister Faith — 3-year-old Margaret got sick
chickenpox, which is known to be very contagious. “Elder sister did not disappoint,
got chicken pox and deprived Verusu guests, ” Tata wrote in his microblog.
— But we do not lose heart. Family day!”

Verosa, despite her young age, has already become
a star of the Internet. And all thanks to a fun video that a mom with an enviable
regularity puts on his page in the social network. A lot of sighs
and APB admiring fans and goes to the eldest daughter of Tata – Margarita.

Tata Bondarchuk with her daughters

grow developed and clever and cause tenderness fans not only
cute faces, but also extremely funny argument. The sisters are very
friendly. Margarita cares about touching little sister, and Verusha around
older copies.

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