Малоизвестные, но интересные факты о Рианне

Малоизвестные, но интересные факты о Рианне

This beautiful and talented singer, actress and songwriter attracts the eye of any person. Fragile girl from Barbados has achieved great success. Who helped the girl become a celebrity? Or she just reached in this life? Read on for the most unexpected discovery about the star.

Her stellar career began in high school. In middle school she and two friends organized a trio of girls played different songs at school events. By the way, one of them was Beyonce. In 2003 there was the most important event in the life of Rihanna. Well-known producer Evan Rogers came to the island to relax from the bustle of the city and randomly got on the performance of girls. As he himself admitted, he didn’t notice at all that the scene is there someone else besides Rihanna. She continued to attend school and record songs with a producer. However, when she was offered her first contract, she said Yes without hesitation and threw basic education.

The first work was not a trial, and most of this, because she signed a contract with Jay-Z, who eventually become the husband of Beyonce. That’s such a small world. The singer remembers that first meeting with the employer just to calm the situation, she was afraid to raise her eyes to his face and something to say.

Rihanna day in Barbados. February 20, 2008 in the home of the singer’s festival, which is devoted to her. It was the day Rihanna came home to the already popular and out of gratitude to the place where she grew up, was held a free concert. From now on, every year the residents of Barbados are going to local areas and listen along to her songs. Even the street on which she lived Rihanna, was renamed in her honor. And in 2018, the head of the government gave girl the honorary title of Ambassador of Barbados to the United States.

Award in the “Shoes of the year.” Rihanna has a lot of awards, but among them there are the most unusual, but no less significant. She won the award for “Shoe of the year” for his collaboration with the famous manufacturer of clothes and footwear Puma. Most interesting is that this award has never in the world was a woman. Rihanna was very delighted with this achievement and admitted that “even in my wildest dreams could not imagine such a reward.” She was happy to contribute to the industry of shoes.

Inspired By Madonna. Rihanna has millions of fans worldwide who would like a moment to be with her. But the singer has an idol, and she openly declares that it is Madonna. It is this great woman inspires creativity of many people. Our celebrity explained what she is so attracted to Madonna. The answer was simple — she never ceases to reinvent itself, each time coming up with something new. The girl even said that he would like to be the “black Madonna”.

Health problems. Rihanna has never hidden that she likes to smoke, use marijuana and has an addiction to alcohol. Doctors repeatedly stated that if she did not give up these bad habits, which are harmful to her health, she can stay even without a vocal. While the celebrity does not react to threat by physicians. But it is a private matter. The fans continue to love her and such.

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