A line from Dmitry Malikov angered his wife

Уроки пикапа от Дмитрия Маликова возмутили его супругу
The popular singer Dmitry Malikov is trying to communicate with their fans and share thoughts with young people.

Уроки пикапа от Дмитрия Маликова возмутили его супругу

More recently, however, Dimitri decided to share my thoughts with young people and gave advice how to win a girl’s heart.

“If you liked a girl — all very simple. Call her to an expensive restaurant, somewhere in Monte Carlo. Then there’s buying all the tables, so you were there alone, and bought all the most expensive: lobster in truffle sauce, carpaccio with diamond caviar, the most expensive wine… And yet all is prepared, sit down at the white piano and start humming some song. Then put her in a fancy convertible and drive along the serpentine near the Mediterranean sea… it’s very simple. The method tested. So in early years I proposed to my wife,” — said the artist.

Уроки пикапа от Дмитрия Маликова возмутили его супругу

But the wife Malikov Elena, seeing a message husband, I remembered my acquaintance with him, Prestigio Dmitry.

“Dima, what about the memory? In far 92-m you came to me on broken-nine, with downcast eyes, was invited to the Assembly concert that ran to the Professor to the Conservatory, leaving me on the 3 hour the mercy of sharks pop music, and when I went into the astral, you, fortunately, is back! By that time, my vigilance was blurred! Continued all know,” said Elena.

We will remind that Dmitry is happily married to his wife for eighteen years, the couple trying to support each other.

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