A life of luxury and control of health: what Verbitskaya hides in the phone

Роскошная жизнь и контроль здоровья: что Вербицкая скрывает в телефоне Leading shared with “StarHit” the contents of the gadget and talked about how, without which is not life. Larisa Verbitskaya demonstrated favorite apps, photos, and correspondence that have previously never been seen.

Larisa Verbitskaya is among those celebrities who are not in a hurry to share with the public as details of family life, and personal feelings. About the life of screen star fans will learn primarily through “Instaram,” which it is actively opening to the public some of the details. “StarHit” looked in the phone leading and found out what the messengers she uses, with whom in the Network, why regularly monitors your health with the help of the gadget and how to use the camera.

As it turned out, among the favorite programs. the application helps to study foreign languages and culture of other NARS. This side of his life Larissa is very carefully and regularly engaged in self-development.

“Since childhood, I easily given languages. Now studying Japanese, which became one of the most popular in the world,” said the celebrity.

On the desktop, Larisa Verbitskaya flaunts photo of snow-capped mountains, a proposed standard settings of the machine. “On the splash screen, the beautiful mountains and the starry sky. In the photo there is a purity and conciseness”, – explained his choice of star.

TV host pays more attention to useful programs and applications, which help it to conduct business related to work and personal life. For example, the celebrity often uses a special service that controls its status, and report alarming symptoms.