A letter to a young Chekhov went under the hammer for 3.6 million rubles

Письмо молодого Антона Чехова ушло с молотка за 3,6 миллионов рублей

A letter that 23-year-old future writer Anton Chekhov wrote to his friend Gabriel Kravtsov, was sold at auction for 3.6 million rubles.

Started lot with 2.1 million, no one could not assume that the letter will go into a private collection for such a huge amount. It is noteworthy that in the letter, the future writer, whose books were read by the whole world, tells buddy about her aliases that is going to use in the work. A letter written just a year before it was released the first book of Chekhov’s “Tales of Melpomene. Six short stories” issued in 1884 under the pseudonym of A. Chekhonte, a copy of which was also interested in collectors, and it was sold for 1.8 million rubles – three times more expensive than the original price of the lot.
The second book Chekhov’s “Motley tales” (avtografom to the publisher Ivan Belousov), sold for 1.7 million rubles, and for the ten-volume collected works, the last lifetime, the organizers of the auction have collected 3,5 million rubles. The book has sold to private collections. The names of the lucky winners of the artifacts was not disclosed.