A large family of Doc ‘ Martins, returned to Russia, received a three-storey house

Многодетная семья Мартенсов вернулась в Россию, получив трехэтажный дом Immigrants from Germany now will live in Stavropol. Eugen and his family offered several options in terms of moving. In the end, for the sex of the refugees has produced a large cottage in a quiet area of the city.
Многодетная семья Мартенсов вернулась в Россию, получив трехэтажный дом

The Germans Doc ‘ Martins became famous after in December 2016, the head of the family, Eugen, moved his wife and ten children in a Siberian village. As it turned out, the parents are not satisfied that in European schools begin sex education be taught in fourth grade. One of their daughters even became ill at the lesson.

However, the conditions of life in a Siberian village was too heavy. A family with ten children settled in a poorly heated house, and the Germans themselves didn’t have even warm clothes. As a result, three months later, the emigrants decided to return home.

Now there appeared the information that the Doc ‘ Martins, will once again live in Russia. Moreover, they got a big penthouse in the city of Stavropol. The three-story house went to the Germans for free.

A large family of Doc ‘ Martins avoids people after departure from Russia

“Germany is without doubt a rich country. But poor spiritually. There is no spirituality. For example, the Germans are planning next year to officially enter the third floor, which will be equipped with special toilets and “representatives” who will give the official documents,” said Eugen.
Многодетная семья Мартенсов вернулась в Россию, получив трехэтажный дом

The man said that he was offered several housing options, but the head of a large family was not a house in Stavropol. First Eugen himself came to Russia, to clarify the legal and financial nuances, and only in the evening of the 17th of November in the city came the children of Doc ‘ Martins with the mother.

In Russia Eugen plans to give daughters and sons to public school. He hopes that local educational agencies will be sensitive to the religious beliefs of children. The man himself in the near future plans to seek employment.

“I am by profession a carpenter. In Germany made furniture, even had to produce expensive samples for yachts. In Stavropol, sure, joiners-carpenters needed, I’ll try to do here, the furniture manufacturer”, – said Martens.

At the airport of emigrants from Germany were greeted with bread and salt. Specially for the guests was organized a small concert, a local Amateur artists performed a lezginka. Eugen intends to stay in Russia forever. According to “KP”, Doc ‘ Martins, like the house, and they have already started to grow roots in it.