A large family of Doc ‘ Martins avoids people after departure from Russia

Многодетная семья Мартенсов избегает людей после отъезда из России According to local residents, Eugen hiding with relatives. After returning from Kyshtovka in the German city Aloe man did not get up on the account and not getting anyone to communicate. The Doc ‘ Martins, also do not open the door to strangers, and journalists are threatened by the police.

    Многодетная семья Мартенсов избегает людей после отъезда из России

    The family history of the Martins circled stripes of the Russian and foreign Newspapers this winter. German Eugen, his ten children and the wife skipped town Aloe after the incident that occurred at school daughter Melitta. The girl refused to attend classes on sexual education. For this disobedience to the local rules, the parents were required to pay a fine, but they refused. Eugen got the whole family together and made the decision to move to the village Kyshtovka near Novosibirsk.

    Unreasonable expectations: why the family of Eugen Martens returned to Germany

    It is known that Martens and his wife lived in Russia when I was young, so understand what awaits them in their historical homeland. However, the conditions at the farmhouse were not the best. As claimed by the people living in the same village, the room was cold and not enough furniture to accommodate the whole family. Probably, after a time, Eugen realized that they will not be able to adapt to Russian reality and started to come back. In late February, the Doc ‘ Martins returned to Germany.

    The journalists decided to ask the local Aloe about who Eugen and how to react to his return other residents of the city.

    “I know this Martens. On his head is definitely not all right. Fourteen years lived in Germany. Well standing on their feet: the complex was built, he bought a truck, and specialty was, and work is good. Children ten people give birth, and suddenly mad at Germany because in the fourth grade his daughter was going to tell how and why children are born. And from this resentment exploded in Siberia, not even taking warm clothes not only for themselves but also for children. It’s in December! Now hidden from everyone,” – said the bus driver.

    According to the man, Eugen and his family avoid people. Russian journalists have decided to address to the colleagues from the “Westfalenpost”. One of the editors said that no chance to talk with Doc ‘ Martins, no. Employees of foreign media claim that the family of Eugen didn’t got registered, and never registered after return. However, they advised me to go to Church, which was visited by a man and his wife.

    In the religious institution “Organischen Christus-Generation”, where made up of about two thousand people, journalists allowed. The blonde girl, the daughter of the headman of a Church that met the reporter, only mysteriously smiled, but the Doc ‘ Martins, said nothing. Besides, she has forbidden itself to photograph. The girl’s mother Lily was more accommodating. The woman explained that the brother of Eugen lives in a three-minute walk from their Church, however, he abuses alcohol, and it wouldn’t open the door. The mother of the wife of Eugen Louise with the last name Bosman lives in a large house located two kilometers from the “Organischen Christus-Generation”.

    In the first of these places the door nobody opened. Near the cottage on Rosenstraße German reported that the family of Bosman lives here. In the house where I live the Doc ‘ Martins, the bell at the entrance door was sealed with tape and on it hung a sign “do Not call”. The woman who opened the door, probably was a relative of Louise. She refused to speak Russian, but also German retorted that there is nothing to tell you about the Doc ‘ Martins. Besides, she threatened to call the police, so tired of close attention of journalists. As reported the correspondent of Sobesednik.ru so, a hostile inhabitant of the house was asked to leave their threshold.

    Recall that during the stay on the territory of Russia the family of Eugen Martens received 15 thousand rubles for each child on the program “Compatriots”. By law, they must now return the money to the state. The man promised to execute the order, but so far no payout has not followed.