A homeless dog was starving, and now dines in the best restaurants

Бездомный пес голодал, а сейчас обедает в лучших ресторанах

A touching story about the dog who picked up on the street and made a star in Instagram.

Ivy Dip of Los Angeles could not pass up a charming homeless vagrants. The girl took the dog and gave him the nickname poppy. However, then she could not imagine that after some time the pet will become famous…

“I found him by accident, î said ivy journalists. – He was in bad shape — skinny, scared and dirty.”

At first she tried to find him a master among his friends, because she and her husband already had a dog, but nobody wanted to take it. Then she left the puppy yourself and start to regularly take them to lunch. The fact that poppy loves to walk and always misses, if Ivey takes it.

Once the hostess took a picture of a pet at the table with food and put the frame in Instagram. To her surprise, the post gained many likes, but Internet users noted that poppy is very photogenic. Then she brought the dog a separate account in the social network with the nickname Popeye, the foodie (“poppy-foodie”) that regularly shared his pictures of the most popular cafes and restaurants. So, a few days on the pet signed by more than 170 thousand people and he became a star of the Internet! And who would have thought that a few months ago, the poor animal was starving on the street?

By the way, ivy has warned that all the photos were staged, puppy, of course, not eating fast food, sweets and other unwholesome food.

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