A Hollywood producer was at the center of the harassment scandal

Голливудский продюсер оказался в центре скандала с домогательствами
Harvey Weinstein appear before the court.

Harvey Weinstein


65-year-old producer Harvey Weinstein was in
a very difficult situation. As many as 8 women filed against him by a court
lawsuits accusing him of sexual harassment. Among the victims of the
Harvey is a well — known actress Ashley Judd starred in many films, including the franchise

Weinstein has managed to respond to
charges. He did not completely deny his guilt. “I realized that the way I
behaved with his colleagues, caused them a lot of pain, and bring them their
sincere apologies. I am currently trying to fix it. I visit
classes therapist and intends indefinitely to suspend its
participation in the activities of our company…” — said the producer.

We recall that in the late 1970s, Harvey founded together with
his brother Bob founded the production company Miramax, which has made many famous films, including “pulp fiction” Tarantino
and “Sex, lie and video” by Steven Soderbergh. And when in 2005, the Disney Studio bought by Miramax brothers, they founded a new company, the Weinstein Company,
which is engaged in the production of such Oscar-winning films like “the Artist”, “King
says” “My boyfriend-crazy”, “Django unchained”…

As for the rebels against Weinstein
women, they are determined to achieve justice, that is, making
Harvey’s sentence. They all say that the majority of Actresses to Winstonia was only possible through his personal very peculiar “casting”.
So, Ashley Judd, in particular, said that Harvey called her to her home. He took her there, clad only in a bath robe
and demanded that she watched him taking a shower… not only that, he was
her inappropriate conversations and “handsy”…

Incidentally, this is not the first scandal
this kind of life Weinstein. In the late 90s he was accused of harassment
Rose McGowan, and in 2015 — a well known Italian model. And both cases, Harvey
pay off the offended women. With all this, Weinstein is married and has
two children.