A helping hand: how ordinary people saved stars in difficult times

Рука помощи: как простые люди спасли звезд в трудную минуту Olga Seryabkina left a fan without pants, Anna Semenovich stood a strange man. “StarHit” collected stories, as strangers who have become casual witnesses of the misfortunes of celebrities, could not stay away and came to the rescue.

      Рука помощи: как простые люди спасли звезд в трудную минуту

      As practice shows, no one is immune from unpleasant incidents, and sometimes even the stars need help. Caring enough among fans of celebrities, and among those who just could not pass by someone else’s failure. “StarHit” has collected stories about those who became an accidental witness of the misfortunes of famous people, and hastened to come to the rescue.

      We’ll catch up

      Ksenia Borodina helped return runaway cat

      “Shantik appeared in our family in 2011, says a leading “House-2”. – Last December we almost lost our pet. New year’s eve, when I was in my last month of pregnancy, we often went for a walk. Shantik per second jumped out the door. Run I could not – I have a huge belly.


      Рука помощи: как простые люди спасли звезд в трудную минуту

      Fortunately, a neighbor accompanied guests, and one of them ran over our cat down the stairs. The fugitive instantly caught. “Quickly he moves you”, – joked the young man. Now I try to open the door only if Chantika not around”.

      Looking for you

      Skiers do not give the abyss the singer Maksim

      Рука помощи: как простые люди спасли звезд в трудную минуту

      “One day I flew to Moscow from a tour,” says Maksim. – In the hall of the airport in the confusion gave the driver met me Yuri all the things, including phone and wallet. He said he was waiting for me in the car, and vanished. Only a couple of minutes I realized that I did not ask where the car is worth! And that means I’m standing in the middle of the airport without means of communication and don’t know where else to go!

      Seeing my despair, standing next to skiers offered me his help. They wrote in social networks of my friends, told them what happened and asked to get in touch with Yuri. The first responded to the leader of my fan club, Jack Soskov. She had the room not only the driver, but even my and my parents! She called Yuri, and he came back for me. Thank you skiers for your patience, and Wife for their delicacy! If it is not, I don’t know what Mr there was in that day.”



      Рука помощи: как простые люди спасли звезд в трудную минуту

      “Seven years ago at the festival “New wave” in Jurmala, I was saved by an unknown girl, – says the soloist of the group Serebro. – 10 minutes before going on stage I started to change clothes and was horrified to find that the package suits my trousers. Inquired the assistant, and it turned out that they stayed at the hotel. I started to panic: we’re about to announce, and I’m standing in the middle of the dressing room, excuse me, in lingerie! What to do? I threw on a robe, and together with the Manager ran out into the street. Next to the concert hall is usually a lot of journalists, fans. Began to look out for girls around my complexion. Found this inconsistent and explained the problem.

      Olga Seryabkina: “In Nagiyev was impossible not to fall in love”

      The girl quickly realized what was happening and agreed to lend his black pants. We ran to the dressing room, where I literally pulled pants with my Savior and rushed to the scene, on the run, buttoning his zipper. The pants were a little high, and I performance worried that they’re about to fly off. But no! After the performance I returned the borrowed girl, thanked her and promised myself to follow better stage wardrobe.”

      Bon appetit!

      Dmitry Venison fed for free

      Рука помощи: как простые люди спасли звезд в трудную минуту

      “It happened five years ago, I was returning from the garden friends in a taxi,” recalls the host of “Russian Radio”. – It was Sunday, traffic was terrible, the driver was taking me six hours. I was very hungry and ordered delivery of rolls from the restaurant near the house. Already imagined how to take a shower, stretch out your legs in front of the TV and enjoy dinner sitting on the couch. But there it was!

      Leaving the taxi, I found that the jacket, which lay in the apartment keys and wallet, left in the country. To go back makes no sense – another six hours of traffic jams. I stand in front of the entrance in the form of rural – ripped sweatpants and old t-shirt and don’t know what to say to a taxi driver and courier. With the driver and I agreed that I will put money on the phone bill. And the courier looked at me and said, “you Have such eyes hungry, you eat these rolls. Yes, and I know you – you radio host! Your listening program…” Joy, of course, there was no limit. I sat on the bench and with great pleasure ate dinner. And the apartment was only five o’clock, when friends came to rescue me”.

      Steep dive

      Alexei Voivod strange man saved from a broken spine

      Рука помощи: как простые люди спасли звезд в трудную минуту

      “The shooting of the project “Without insurance” I almost became a disabled person, ” says bobsledder, two-time Olympic champion in Sochi. – I learned to spin flips under coach Jeanne. My weight is 114 kg, it – 57. Every time she heroically tried to insure me, and, surprisingly, she always did it! Jeanne was asked several times not to perform the trick without it, but I disobeyed. She left the room for a few moments, and I decided to try to repeat and, as luck would have it, a little kink element… Understand that now land on his feet and on his back.

      Show “Without a net”: how much life Asmus, Kozhevnikova and other

      Then everything was in slow motion: standing nearby lighting on set preparing to change the lamp and watched the participants. Here, look, just a second, he realized that might happen, caught with a large floor Mat and pushed him in my direction. In the result of head and neck landed on the foam, and it is objectively saved me from a probable fracture of the spine. Thank you, friend! If it’s not your lightning fast reaction, who knows what would could all end…”



      Рука помощи: как простые люди спасли звезд в трудную минуту

      “Last year, I decided to walk on shops, − says the singer. − At the third hour of shopping I was tired and my guard down: standing at the cashier, did not notice that beside me walks a man of suspicious appearance, in a sports suit and with a shaved head. The next moment the fellow snatched out of my hand bag, where there was a wallet with a significant amount of money and cell phone, and fled in an unknown direction. I even didn’t manage to scream, only helplessly clapped eyes…

      And then look for the robber ran a young man, who also stood in the checkout line and saw what was happening. In my head flashed: “if Only its the bald guy, not crippled”. And here a miracle – in two minutes the young man returned with my bag. I and other witnesses of the incident began to ask the hero how he managed to cope with that man. But he only smiled mysteriously: “the Secret…” it Remains only to thank him and at his request to be photographed together”.

      Don’t cry, girl!

      Irena Ponaroshku stranger gave the tights

      Рука помощи: как простые люди спасли звезд в трудную минуту

      “Ten years ago, I worked at MTV, – shares with “StarHit” the presenter. – Once hurried out, rushing to the subway on the escalator and fell off a cliff. It was extremely painful hands and feet in grazes, the tights have a hole the size of a horse’s head. Standing, roaring, trying to scrub your knees with dried blood and caked dirt on them. And suddenly comes to me complete stranger and begins to calm. Gives wipes helps wipe away the tears. But most interesting is that, as in a fairy tale, she gets out of the bag a pricey new pair of tights. Says: “just Put it on, I’m your cloak will hide”.

      To say that I was grateful to her, – to say nothing. Do not know, she learned me or not, after all, MTV is a youth channel and she was at least 50 years. My good fairy from the underground, if you’re reading this, please accept my obeisances, I always think of you when I pass by “Tretyakovskaya”.



      Рука помощи: как простые люди спасли звезд в трудную минуту

      “Recently bought water in bottles of 5 litres, says the writer. – Took two, the cashier put the products – it has two huge package. Seeing my problem, the clerk volunteered to help. You know, saying that you live near, now our colleague will show you out. I began to refuse. But somewhere in the back of the already left with a man, a native of Tajikistan, and in his hands he has my book. Holds her with the words: “If you sign, you will always carry water”.

      Go, and he told me: “Oleg, in your novel the hero talks to God. This can be a reality?” About this because not every Russian thinks. Spoke with him all the way. Now Rasul every time, if he sees that I’m overwhelmed helps. And I’m happy to talk to him: with a nice educated man for a chat always a pleasure”.

      And it’s snowing

      The dining room staff helped Alice Selezneva with Parking

      “It happened last winter, – says the host of “New radio” Alisa Selezneva. – Night piled snow up to his neck, and me early in the morning to go to work. Fortunately, to dig out the car did not have, she was standing in the garage. But how to leave the yard, if there is no road – on the clock 6.45, track another nobody dashed off! Somehow, to the touch, I’m out of the yard… But the most interesting thing in this quest was to come – Parking!

      Leading Alice Selezneva found her husband on the program “let’s get married!”

      My compact Mini Cooper just buried in snow wall and all – no forward pass or backward pass. And I’m on in 10 minutes! In a panic thought that hands have to shovel snow, as the shovel in the trunk, I, of course, was not. Have the sleeves start to roll up, as suddenly I was approached by two guys with… pans in his hands. Now, they say, we can help you. Pans and let the snow scatter! Three minutes later, they dug their Parking space for me. It turned out, they are workers adjacent dining room – saw me in the window and decided to help.”

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