A haggard look, Michael Douglas has excited his fans

Измождённый вид Майкла Дугласа взволновал его поклонников

Tired and gaunt Michael Douglas worried about his fans. Sunken eyes, bruises and thin, yellowish face of the artist may mean that it is a disease that almost killed him in 2010, is back again.

Recall that Michael managed to beat throat cancer fourth degree, but is gone if it’s forever, or maybe deadly threat is still hanging over him like the sword of Damocles.
“The health of Michael – a big dark cloud that hangs over his family” — said the insider. Family photos taken during the festival in California, Michael shocks his terrible views.
Despite this, a spokesman for Douglas says that the actor was full of strength and health a few weeks ago, when he participated in the Golf tournament in China.
The journalists RadarOnline asked the oncologist Jerome Spanberg from palm beach gardens, Florida, with a request to comment on the possibility of recurrence. Looking at the the specialist said that Michael could survive a relapse during this period. And an unhealthy complexion and sunken eyes, along with extreme thinness can be a side effect of radiotherapy.
“He looks as exhausted from the treatment, the patient. Cancer kills a large number of calories because cancer patients people lose weight so fast. This guy is definitely not healthy” — sums up the doctor.
Insiders close to the family of Douglas, a few months ago claimed that Michael already understands that his end was near, and selling their multi-million dollar fortune to “Catherine didn’t worry when he’s gone”.
Recall that the disease Michael almost led to divorce Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Wife, who suffers from bipolar disorder, experienced an aggravation of mental disease on the background of nervous feelings. In 2013, the couple raising two children, briefly split up, but both managed to make maximum efforts to save the marriage.
Representative Michael has not commented on such suspicions to the deterioration of his health.