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Increasingly, people are turning to the services of professional tailors for sewing clothes to order because this is a real opportunity to save time and get a quality item made taking into account all the individual characteristics and wishes. If you wish to become a client of the Studio, but don’t know where to go, check out our list of the best Metropolitan studios.

Alexander Terekhov Atelier Moscow

Under the brand Alexander Terekhov sale luxury clothing and exclusive items are made to order. ATEL has been operating since 2010 and offers a wide range of services. Here you can order tailoring of any complexity and cut from blouses and jackets to exclusive wedding and evening dresses. In Atelier Moscow carefully suited to the choice of fabrics and accessories, the customers are offered a vast catalog of materials from leading European manufacturers. Here it is possible to sew a garment that will be a real work of art, taking full part in the development of the concept and details together with experienced designers and designers.

The cost of work is calculated individually. Prices depend on the type of cut, urgency, complexity, material and pattern. Detailed cost estimates can be obtained after consultation with experts Studio.

Address: Moscow, Rochdelskaya St., 15, building 13.

Igor Pronin

The history of this company has more than 35 years. Spetsializiruyutsya designers and tailors on tailoring at bespoke technology. According to this principle, for any products are individual patterns, and each detail is the layer of fabric is sewn on by hand. This allows us to ensure strict compliance to all parameters of shape, convenience and longevity of the products. If necessary, in the Studio of Igor Pronin always ready to repair them sewn costume free.

In this workshop, you can order mens and womens clothing classic style at the following prices.

  • Shirt ― from 18 thousand rubles.
  • Blazer for men ― from 78 thousand rubles.
  • Women’s costume ― from 120 thousand rubles.
  • Coat women ― from 115 thousand rubles.
  • In Igor Pronin you can repair clothing, and to order repairs and making shoes.

    Address: Moscow, Krasnaya Presnya street, house 9.

    Studio Bellissima

    Atelier full cycle works with 2000 and specializiruetsya at the individual tailoring of women’s, men’s, corporate, sports, outerwear, as well as its repair. When making costumes wizard Studio Bellissima use technology bespoke. Feature of Atelier is the willingness to realize any wishes of the clients: it is possible to recreate a replica of Haute couture dresses for a photo, to do an exclusive thing on his own sketch, to sew a model of the desired size for the finished model. Experienced tailors with precision fulfill orders of varying complexity, so it is without fear can be trusted and repair of exclusive clothing from Gucci, Prada, Armani and other famous fashion houses.

    The cost of the services depends on many parameters, but as a guide Studio Bellissima offers to see the price for certain types of works:

  • Tailoring of men’s suit ― from 72.5 thousand rubles.
  • The production of men’s pants from 17.5 thousand rubles.
  • Sewing womens blouse from 4.9 thousand rubles.
  • Manufacturer dresses women ― 13,7 thousand rubles.
  • Customers choose from a rich catalogue of fabrics and accessories from leading Italian, Spanish, French and English manufacturers. If necessary, the master is ready to go to the house for taking measurements.

    Address: Moscow, Riga travel, the house 9.

    Bourbaki Bespoke

    ATEL has been operating since 2006 and specializiruetsya in the manufacture of classic men’s clothing Bespoke technology. Customers have a choice of different fabrics and accessories from leading manufacturers in Italy and England.

    The cost of Bourbaki Bespoke is calculated on the basis of features of the cut and material.

  • Chemise ― from 11 thousand roubles.
  • Jacket ― from 70 thousand rubles.
  • Pants ― from 16 thousand rubles.
  • Coat ― from 90 thousand rubles.
  • Production time starts from 14 days. If the wizard is willing to travel to client’s home for taking measurements. Check-out is carried out at the locations of Moscow and outside Moscow.

    Address: Moscow, Lyalin pereulok, 8, building 1.

    Atelier Online

    Universal studios with more than 15 years of history. Here you can order the services of individual tailoring, repairs and even dry cleaning. Master “Studio Online” take orders for the manufacture of men’s, women’s, children’s and teen clothing, coats, jackets and cloaks, curtains.

    Tailoring is carried out according to the technology of MTM (made-to-measure) using high quality Italian patterns. The cost of the work somewhat cheaper than most competitors.

  • Dress ― from 6,6 thousand rubles.
  • Manufacturer of blouses from 5.5 thousand rubles.
  • Tailoring of men’s coats, from 39 thousand rubles.
  • Specialists and corporate orders, manufacture of overalls and uniforms.

    Address: Moscow, Voznesensky lane, 16/4.

    The 60’s

    Atelier has been working since 2010 and specializiruetsya on the following main directions.

  • Manufacturer of women’s clothing.
  • Tailoring of men’s classic clothing.
  • Manufacturing of garments in the style of 50-60 years.
  • Sewing of wedding and evening dresses.
  • Master free go to the house for fittings and consultations. Choose from a variety of models of different style and cut for sewing.

    Prices for the manufacture of quite the budget, and the deadlines are short of 7 days.

  • Blouse ― from 5 thousand rubles.
  • Quinceanera dresses with podobnikar ― from 12 thousand rubles.
  • Coat ― from 20 thousand rubles.
  • Blazer for men ― from 45 thousand roubles.
  • Address: Moscow, Smolensky Boulevard, building 17, building 1.


    Atelier appeared on the market of services of individual tailoring relatively recently, in 2016. It’s a creative project, specializing in the manufacture of women’s clothing of varying complexity. From the tailors ‘ Atelier, you can order the production of exclusive models from scratch, clothing design masters Studio with changes in style, recreating the photo. They also perform repair and adjustment of items of clothing.

    Rates are summarized as follows.

  • Skirt from 5.5 thousand rubles.
  • Dress ― from 14 thousand roubles.
  • Costume ― from 15.5 thousand rubles.
  • Coat ― from 14 thousand roubles.
  • Available in a choice of a wide range of materials and accessories of the luxury class and economy. If necessary, it is possible to order the departure of the master on the house or office.

    Address: Moscow, street Maroseyka, the house 8


    The history of the Studio has more than 25 years. Today it is a network of repair shops and tailoring. Craftsmen work with traditional fabrics, knitted fabrics, modern materials, only appeared in the tailor business, but also with furs and finely tanned skin. Proud of professionals hold unique techniques of restoration. Here you can restore a vintage dress with lace or you can order the services of the art of mending.

    Prices for individual tailoring are as follows.

  • Skirt ― from 8 thousand roubles.
  • Dress ― from 16 thousand rubles.
  • Jacket ― 15 thousand rubles.
  • Coat ― from 25 thousand rubles.
  • In the Atelier also offers dry cleaning and Shoe repair. To order and consultation, you can visit any of the 8 branches in Moscow.


    A network of 6 ATEL capital specializiruetsya mainly in the repair of clothing. Masters are always ready to shorten and hem skirts, pants, dresses, sleeveless jackets, knitted and crocheted sweaters, to raise the loops on fur garments and coats, as well as to reshape the neckline, collar, implant threads and perform dozens of other works.

    There is in tailor and custom tailoring. Cost of services as follows.

  • Blouse ― from 5 thousand rubles.
  • Pants ― from 6 thousand roubles.
  • Coat ― 15 thousand rubles.
  • The address of the head of the Studio: Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt, 35A.

    Your Size

    The Atelier network, which includes 13 branches, specializiruetsya on tailoring and clothing repair of any complexity. Craftsmen work with knitwear, various kinds of fabrics, fur and leather. In his work combine manual labour and advanced Japanese and European technology automation of production processes.

    In most cases services are provided at home or in the office on the principle of field service. But if you want you can visit the Studio and order in this tailoring of the basic elements of the female wardrobe. The cost of services is calculated individually based on complexity and order volume.

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