A group of Queens: “Without conflict no cost”

Группа Queens: «Без конфликтов не обошлось» Olga Romanovskaya, Tatiana Kotova and Santa Dimopoulos explained what United. More recently, they are the singers of the same team. Each of them behind shoulders work in the group “VIA Gra”, which undoubtedly played a crucial role in their lives.

      Группа Queens: «Без конфликтов не обошлось»

      The ex-soloist of “VIA gra” merged into a new group called Queens. About the creation of the band girls announced recently, but already attend social events in a new way. Each of them in parallel pursue a solo career. “StarHit” I talked with the members of the trio, Tatiana Kotova, Olga Romanov and Santa Dimopulos. The soloist has shared his story about life on the “suitcases” bitter business experience, and difficult relationship within the team.

      How did you feel about the proposal to establish such a stellar team?
      Группа Queens: «Без конфликтов не обошлось»At first I was taken aback and refused. Didn’t want to go into this. But, having become acquainted with the girls and the team that works with us has agreed.
      Группа Queens: «Без конфликтов не обошлось»I’m always interested to discover something new in life and in art, so I accepted the offer with enthusiasm. We are different in character, but we have common goals, dreams and aspirations. This is the rare case when the women’s team has nothing to do with the snake terrarium. On the contrary, trying each other’s support.
      Группа Queens: «Без конфликтов не обошлось»Group work does not in any way goes against a solo career. On the contrary, it is an opportunity once again to prove myself, learn something new. Sharing the stage at which you’re already used to being alone, another two the same as you, is quite difficult. We went through the so-called process of withdrawal itself.

      There were other variants of the name of the group?
      Группа Queens: «Без конфликтов не обошлось»There were a few. The name Queens suggested Santa. We are not sure of success, but had no idea that our creative Association will cause such a stir! Proposals for concerts began to arrive even before the official announcement of the establishment of the group, even the name was not…
      Группа Queens: «Без конфликтов не обошлось»“Queen” is not just the title. It’s a lifestyle, the ability to hold posture at all times and to feel responsible for everything you do. —
      Education, Tatiana is an economist, Santa lawyer. Your speciality is somehow useful to You in your life?
      Группа Queens: «Без конфликтов не обошлось»I never had to use knowledge of sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent… But economic thinking has always helped in everything. Can itself be a Director and producer, responsible for the financial climate. If at work, I often trust intuition in business matters rely on logic. She, fortunately, never failed.
      Группа Queens: «Без конфликтов не обошлось»I graduated from Kyiv national state University of culture and arts on a speciality “manufacture of fabrics”. These skills come at an opportune moment in the past, “Golden Gramophone”. Dress dosewallips literally two hours before performances. After the fitting, we Santa found that not all suits us. Then I knocked the dust off! Took the needle in hand, and quickly corrected. Before sewing, and knitting so much that even my mom fall. —
      How are relations in the group of Queens? In “VIA GRE” you were different lineups. What conflicts have you had? It is clear that there is no all smoothly.
      Группа Queens: «Без конфликтов не обошлось»You are right! Without conflict did not break… just Like in any field. But to find a compromise and to resolve the differences was always! His colleagues in “VIA GRE” haven’t met. Somehow our paths separated, and the communication ended. I always say that in show business almost never true – especially female friendship. But, there are exceptions to the rule. Tanya and Olya – beautiful, talented, and most importantly, real.

      Группа Queens: «Без конфликтов не обошлось»We never crossed paths with each other in “VIA GRE” haven’t changed each other. When someone takes someone else’s place, for whatever reason, our soul is feeling. Fortunately, between us do not. If someone is not satisfied with something, we talk and find a compromise. Recently, at one event met with Albina Dzhanabaeva. Smiled at each other and exchanged a few phrases. As for the group Queens, we trio. In the Studio and on stage can be colleagues, behind the scenes, with a Cup of tea or a chat with friends.
      Группа Queens: «Без конфликтов не обошлось»You should be able to give. And we have already had to do it. Believe me, it is not easy! But we successfully cope! Ex-soloist of “VIA gra” Meseda Bagautdinova have been friends for about five years. She’s great! Incredibly kind, unspoiled scene. You know, in principle, almost all girls. Really like the new composition. They have been together for three years – a record! Talented, beautiful, positive, and most importantly, friendly.—
      Many artists in addition to work on stage, still engaged in their own business – one restaurant, one beauty salon. Is there some business you have?
      Группа Queens: «Без конфликтов не обошлось»I had a shop, but I closed it because the businessman from me is just horrible. In the Odessa boutique Romanovska was my bridesmaids dresses. At first things were going great. But one day I decided to expand the store moved to Kiev. In addition to its brand, brought another three from Europe. It was a total mistake. Now my friends and keep the chain restaurant Pizza & Grill in Odessa. Since then, as I worked in the “Revizorro”, drop in white gloves in the kitchen of their restaurants to check.
      Группа Queens: «Без конфликтов не обошлось»Three years ago I opened a vintage clothing boutique Vintage Gold. With great passion about Antiques. Each story is unique! I can talk endlessly. Come to us and the stars, and the designers and fashion critics, editors and lovers of true beauty.
      Группа Queens: «Без конфликтов не обошлось»My business is my solo career. With regard to other areas, it certainly has some interesting ideas. As soon as I do, you are the first to know.—
      Olga, you left the “VIA gra” in March 2007, expecting a second child. Tell us about your family – husband, children?
      Группа Queens: «Без конфликтов не обошлось»I have two sons – Oleg’s (14 years old) and Maxim (9 years) and a loving husband – Andrey Romanovsky. Of course I want more babies, at least a daughter. This summer our house is based in Switzerland. Children learn the same. I have to admit, is something else. Of course, in Odessa, the kids had good teachers. But not all. Sometimes our family was for some teachers a more important object of discussion than the topic of the lesson. And in Europe nobody knows us. Almost none. Teachers relate to students as friends. It is captivating to children, they are interested to learn. They have a lot of activities – physical, and creative activities: tennis, Rugby, dancing, acting, art, DJ mix… They love it! Senior thinking about journalism. Mom taught him that.

      Santa, you have a son, Daniel, who is already 9 years old. In the year before you were married with Igor Kucherenko. A boy communicates with his father – the showman Andrey Dzhedzhula, or Igor replaced his dad?
      Группа Queens: «Без конфликтов не обошлось»Daniel is a great kid, my most favorite man in my life. Always amazed at the amount of kindness, warmth, and what his amazing sense of humor… My little Prince! Of course, he communicates with the Pope, they often spend time together. Otherwise it can not be! Igor they are real friends. In his upbringing helps me nanny. Besides helping grandparents – it’s sacred! With the profession while for him to decide sooner. Now, when curious about everything. He swims and goes to English. Recently even went to the club aircraft designer.

      Tatiana, you have a young man? Certainly showered his confessions, gifts?
      Группа Queens: «Без конфликтов не обошлось»I think the main answer to this question – shining eyes! If you do not see them, – all that goes without saying. Of course, over time I want to create a family, to gather around the table to discuss the day, share intimate thoughts… before my eyes is a perfect example – my parents. They still live in perfect harmony and love look at each other. Many people think that the cute blonde I live by the principle: “You are my machine, and I’m nine and a half weeks…” All the temptations that I have not interesting. They say that gentlemen prefer blondes. So they also prefer gentlemen – interesting, educated and responsible. My life was a nice date. I remember once I loved one flew away for a few days in Florence. It was a great 72 hours. We were just walking through Italian streets, enjoying the city, the sun and good weather. Remember after all the attention and state, not recognition and gifts…—
      Remembering once again about the “VIA gra”, I want to ask about cooperation with Konstantin Meladze. Easy for you to be working with him?
      Группа Queens: «Без конфликтов не обошлось»We met at the casting. After listening to Konstantin gave me a chance to prove himself in the group. Working with him was incredibly interesting. Talent, I think, contagious. He not just led us in a musical way, but also inspired, and shared creative drive.
      Группа Queens: «Без конфликтов не обошлось»We with Bone and I met 11 years ago, on December 10, the casting in my hometown of Nikolaev. Meladze brothers were legends for at least 20 years. There they studied, worked and started his career. On the coast I watched as God. For so many years. He is one of the most important people in my life. The tremor in his voice, knees… All of it appeared, he had only to write SMS. It was not fear – admiration. Of course, working with him was difficult. He’s a genius! And geniuses are not simple.
      I wanted to work with him, so I went to Ukrainian “Factory of stars”, which hosted our meeting. A year later he offered me a place in the team “VIA Gra”. The work was interesting. By that time, I have great respect and gratitude. It was an invaluable experience…