A great role and the love of my life: Svetlana Nemolyaeva celebrates its 80th anniversary

Великолепные роли и любовь всей жизни: Светлана Немоляева отмечает 80-летие On 18 April, a famous actress celebrates. Svetlana Nemolyaeva has performed many different roles, which loves the whole country. Star and now continues to work in theatre and acting in films.

      Великолепные роли и любовь всей жизни: Светлана Немоляева отмечает 80-летие

      Today, April 18, close friends, relatives and colleagues across the stage to congratulate Svetlana Nemolyaeva happy birthday. The actress who is loved by Soviet audiences with dramatic roles in the films of Eldar Ryazanov, is 80 years old. For many years the admirers of the Soviet cinema remember the naive and touching Olga Petrovna from “Sluzhebnyh novel” played Nemolyaeva. Tape part artisy are considered classics and still touches the soul of viewers.


      The godfather

      The whole country loves and remembers the movies, where he played Svetlana: “Office romance”, “Garage”, “promised Heaven”. It is no coincidence that many have a desire to review them again – images of a famous actress to really sink into the heart. Nemolyaeva has admitted that is grateful for the opportunity to work in the film by Eldar Ryazanov, and he believes that he paved the way for her to the main heroines of her life. A man defines exactly what the role of trust beauty is not wrong.

      “I never put the movie above the theater. But I, of course, very fortunate that I met Eldar Ryazanov, who invited me to the “Office romance”. Prior to that, he wanted to invite me and “Hussar ballad”, and “Irony”, but, unfortunately, did not happen. After “Office romance,” he I said, “well, maybe it was just you, not Barbara to film in “twist of fate”. I smiled, shrugged and said, “Well, what to say now…” The more I remembered what kind of crash failed audition for a role in this film,” recalled Svetlana.
      Великолепные роли и любовь всей жизни: Светлана Немоляева отмечает 80-летие

      The artist really could not pass the audition, despite the good attitude of the Director towards her. For a role in “twist of fate” beauty auditioned eight times. In her opinion, it is a great desire to be in this picture and stop to reveal. Then Eldar said to play worse would be very difficult. But the actress did not take offense to idol, but on the contrary, still grateful to him for his honesty. She noted that the rest of your life Ryazanov would be grateful for the fact that opened her way to the screens.

      Star was very upset by the death of the great Director. She was very conscious of his relationship to her family, and she quickly found a common language with the choice of the Creator. In an interview, she shared details of communication with CENTCOM.

      “It’s my private mountain. Not only in national scale. We were very friendly, especially at the end of life. It is amazingly belonged to my husband Alexander Lazarev son Alexander Lazarev-younger. I was very friendly with his wife Nina and Emmie. Besides the fact that he was a wonderful, beautiful, our outstanding filmmaker, he was an amazing person to me.”

      With the death Ryazanov has not accepted another Lubna actress the Eldar – Leah Akhedzhakova. The woman said that the man changed her whole life. Liya Akhedzhakova: “I are unable to master the Internet. Whether lazy, or stupid”

      Великолепные роли и любовь всей жизни: Светлана Немоляева отмечает 80-летие

      Love, life-long

      By the way, this birthday was the sixth in a row, when Svetlana Nemolyaeva notes without the beloved wife of the actor Alexander Lazarev died suddenly in 2011 from the come-off blood clot. Earlier, the birthday girl told me about how fun celebrating family holidays beloved. The pair covered a large table, invited guests recounted stories from the life and have fun. Close always thought of the famous artist of the soul of the company.

      “Every moment is literally their weight in gold. It is important to live in the present and learn to feel every moment. This is volume life. Now there’s my Sasha – all lost its meaning, everything is not the same. As if the world faded. You know, everything reminds me of him. Birthday for me is more of a ritual than a holiday,” said the star of the Soviet cinema in the past year.
      Великолепные роли и любовь всей жизни: Светлана Немоляева отмечает 80-летие

      Loyal admirers of Svetlana know how much she misses her husband. The famous couple has lived together 51 years, each of which they spent in love. Colleagues and friends often wondered how they manage to maintain harmony in relationships for so many years. The blonde admitted that together with Alexander Sergeevich she was always fun and comfortable. Despite their spectacular appearance and become the man life was a one-woman man than said to the Duchess. “We loved to come after the show to sit together in the kitchen and talk… at First it was more romantic, more knowledge of each other, fit each other… And then relations come in some next stage… We were partners in life and onstage,” recalled the widow.

      Interestingly, many blamed the wife Svetlana in softness. Believed that he is inferior to the beloved, cannot show the character where it is required. But the woman always thought otherwise. She admitted that knew the nature of man and his game of “giveaway”. According to Nemolyaeva, the main male quality – generosity. He allowed her to be a real emotional, Moody, changeable. For that she loved the actor even more.

      “Actually, Sasha was a man of very strong, reinforced concrete. He had the rod, its inner life axis. You can just jump out of yourself, forcing him to do something, but this axis would not move… even Though some things, of course, I succeeded. For example, Sasha is absolutely obeyed in all that concerns the home, the farm he gave to guide me. I absolutely released Sasha from domestic Affairs. Asked very often: “Where are my socks, where’s Mike?” Although he knew where everything is. But in the house constantly heard: “where-where-where?” I said, “You know!” But always got out of the closet…”
      Великолепные роли и любовь всей жизни: Светлана Немоляева отмечает 80-летие

      The couple lived as all the others: he swore, then put up. However, for a long time to resent each other, they could not – withstand a maximum of 20 minutes and compromised. Each of them tried to smooth things over, to give the second half to avoid a protracted conflict. Hero of the day told in an interview how to appreciate the wisdom of Alexander. “When he died, at first I couldn’t believe it… And now miss him. Like he was gone a long time, and I live pending meetings. The priest said that we will meet again, because wedded…”

      To survive the death of a beloved Svetlana helped the family legacy, his wife and children. Relatives were constantly in touch with the widow, tried to maintain what I can. Despite the tight schedule, families are trying to see more often. “If they do not, can not imagine how I would have coped. I have a wonderful son, amazing! And the whole family is wonderful. We really hold each other. However, Sasha, Alina, Polina is very busy, but the grandson Serezha requires a lot of attention. Was very supportive and in the theater. So it’s lucky I’m not sitting at home all the time, and work,” said Nemolyaeva.

      I wonder what the celebrity does not feel 80 years old. A year ago, she said that she even get scared of the thought. Svetlana admitted that previously thought, life is very long and only now realizes how fast time passes by.

      “When I think that not a care in the world, surprised: “my God! How everything flashed”. On the one hand, the man in the physiological sense feels that life passes very quickly. On the other – it’s very long, because each fills its what he wants and how he wants. I liked the thought of the actress Helena Tent of his 80-year anniversary: “my God, I have lived 80 years! 80 winter 80 spring”.

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