Седина в бороду, бес в ребро: нужно ли мужчинам красить волосы

Viktor Zolotov

Regardie commander in chief of the army General Viktor Zolotov became one of the main newsmakers last week. And it is not only in the showdown with Alexei Navalny, whom he challenged to a duel, promising to turn into a “steak”. Many netizens noticed one unusual detail in the image 64-year-old Viktor Vasilyevich — he recently painted over a gray hair and became a brunette. We decided to learn from the stylists, as men correctly to mask gray hair and whether it is worth to do it.

George Clooney, Vincent Cassel, Sean Penn, and a good half of Hollywood to cover the gray, unevenly covered the beard and the head, not even thinking. However, some representatives of a strong half of mankind flee to the colorist as soon as I notice at least one silver thread. SPLETNIK.RU together with experts in their field, experienced stylists-hairdressers, and tried to figure out if it is fashionable to paint the gray hair or to experiment not worth it.

Седина в бороду, бес в ребро: нужно ли мужчинам красить волосы
George Clooney

Leonid Romanov, creative partner of L’oreal Professionnel, says that five or seven years ago, men who wanted to change hair color and to paint the gray hair, was much smaller. The expert attributes this to the fact that a professional men’s beauty industry has changed dramatically: there was a barbershop, a huge selection of beauty products for men, specialty beauty only for the stronger sex.
Previously, we were often faced with the fact that a man comes and says: “Me as usual”. Men’s — some of the most stable and conservative customers. However, they are now willing to experiment with haircuts, styling including hair color (usually it depends on the age and social status). The young (about 35 years) bleaching my hair, doing a color staining.

Седина в бороду, бес в ребро: нужно ли мужчинам красить волосы
Sean Penn

Leonid divides older customers into several categories.

Conservatives. They never and will never be anything to do with the gray hair, the one thing they do not give up, is to neutralize yellow pigment to gray hair after a haircut with shampoo, or other means for home care.

Experimenters. Those who at least once went out of the way of conservatism and has tried to paint the gray hair a tint or permanent dye. These clients often go to the salon. They rush to his master to try on different shades, but within its natural range.

Undecided. These clients frequently change salons, they then paint over the gray hair, then grow it, then follow the advice of a stylist, no. They have no clear schedule of visits to salons. The first two categories of visiting the stylist painted with sometimes up to six months forward and driven in the calendar, but the men of the third category may be lost for the same six months, and can visit the stylist in the next month.

Седина в бороду, бес в ребро: нужно ли мужчинам красить волосы
Zayn Malik

If we talk about percentage, among my clients, the conservatives about 50 percent, experimenters 40 percent, and undecided only ten percent. However, the trend is that the experimenters of the last years is becoming more. I can’t say that hair dye is a necessity, but if only part of the gray hair, this hairstyle looks unsightly. Although when a man already aged, dyed hair can look just weird.

The stylist sure is much more important to have a cool haircut and be able to care for your hair, make suitable to packing, than to worry about gray hair.

Седина в бороду, бес в ребро: нужно ли мужчинам красить волосы
Patrick Dempsey

Ekaterina Rybakova, a top stylist Aldo Coppola Lotte, also believes that the male gray hair is a sign of solidity and brutality, so shaded it is not necessary.

There’s nothing worse than a situation when a man is painted with resistant paint for the hair, and then each month we observe the roots and the faded wash on the hair. For gray, of course, need to take care of. As a rule, gray hair becomes an ugly yellowish tint, for such cases, there are toning shampoos for gray hair. They contain a blue pigment and make the gray ash and glowing. There are also tinting colors for gray hair, which reduce the amount of gray hair, leaving only part of them. This allows you to cover the gray without drastic changes in the way men.

Седина в бороду, бес в ребро: нужно ли мужчинам красить волосы Paul McCartney

Barber Jack Morton notes that his clients, especially the heads of large companies, often paint over gray hair. Many of them look for this at the salon every two weeks. Expert advises to start to mask the gray hair as early as possible. The rule is simple — if more than 20-30 percent of your hair is gray, then it will become obvious that you are painting them, therefore, to delay the trip to the salon is not worth it.

Седина в бороду, бес в ребро: нужно ли мужчинам красить волосы
Anderson Cooper

How do you think men should take out the gray?