A glass of milk, drank from Justin Bieber to sell for 5 million rubles

Стакан из-под молока, из которого пил Джастин Бибер, продают за 5 млн рублей

Justin Bieber is still a lot of work to do if he wants to stand on the same level of popularity and reverence as, for example, Michael Jackson or David Bowie. However, now some fans make of the young performer almost God, exposing for auction items that once touched the Bieber (maybe they are even able to heal? But let’s talk about this another time).

So, the enterprising owner of the eatery, which once had supper, Justin decided to make a little money.

After a concert in a small town in the UK, Bieber went to the local cafe to eat. The staff of the institution, of course, learned of the artist, carefully monitored so that all his wishes are fulfilled, and after the meal, when Bieber had already left the school, took a glass Cup that saw the star of the pop scene, and put up for online auction.

The starting price was only 10 pounds, but within hours there were people willing to pay for the lot 66 thousand pounds (almost 5 million).

According to the description of the ads, all proceeds from the sale of glass will go to charitable organizations. Owners glass also noted that Bieber’s dishes after they were washed. So it is possible that the sale will be put plate, which ate Bieber and even a fork that (Oh,Gods!) he was licking.