Генетик объяснил результат зарубежной ДНК-экспертизы для Тимура Еремеева Pavel Ivanov believes that the suit Carlson was not even admitted to the lab. A geneticist suggested that the clinic operates under a certain standard, and therefore did not take clothes.
Генетик объяснил результат зарубежной ДНК-экспертизы для Тимура Еремеева

Timur Eremeev and Karina Mishulina trying to find out whether the young actor is telling the truth and his father Spartak Mishulin. To do this, they brought in experts to conduct research and through the biomaterial to establish a relationship. Initially, they appealed to the Russian laboratory. Karina even gave Carlson suit, which was made by Spartak Vasilyevich. The experts were able to detect an appropriate in order to carry out the analysis. It turned out that Timur Eremeev really the son of Spartaka Mishulina.

However, Karina was unhappy with the outcome. She began to suspect that the results were rigged. In order to fully verify the veracity or proving the error, she contacted the clinic in Sweden. The answer was not long in coming – the lab reported that they were unable to detect on things for a biomaterial analysis. The results of the DNA test Timur Yeremeyev turned out to be false

Timur Yeremeyev went to Stockholm to meet up with some of the Sarin, which was presented by the friend of Karina’s and through to the lab was sent things. However, the actor failed to do so at the appointed time the woman didn’t come.

Генетик объяснил результат зарубежной ДНК-экспертизы для Тимура Еремеева

The Studio program “Let them talk” appeared geneticist Pavel Ivanov, who has done a DNA test for Timur and Karina. He explained what caused the response to foreign clinics. In his opinion, the lab Ohio, which sent the samples from Sweden, is there a special scheme. According to Ivanov, anyone can send two sticks with bioobrazca and pay for the examination. A geneticist finds that the suit was not admitted to the study.

“The object, the cat you sent to perform the job, it is unacceptable for the job. It’s in Ohio, not in Florida,” – said Ivanov.

Also to the editors of “Let them talk” found ward Spartak Vasilyevich Tamara Anokhin. She studied at Omsk, headed the National theatre. She hinted that Mishulin cared for her, and the girl’s mother tried to dissuade her from such passions. Already many years later, in 1985 they met again. She’s already lived his life and had a baby. It was then that he told her that he also has a son.