A friend of Timur Yeremeyev has declared, that did for him in prison

Знакомый Тимура Еремеева заявил, что отсидел за него в тюрьме Evgeny Sokolov was arrested for drugs. For eight months they were sharing an apartment. The man admitted that Timur Yeremeyev asked him to take the blame. The man agreed and helped the actor.
Знакомый Тимура Еремеева заявил, что отсидел за него в тюрьме

Karina Mishulina and Timur Eremeev continue to prove to each other the truthfulness of the words, each time revealing new and ever more sensational details. Legitimate daughter of Spartak Vasilyevich did not recognize the young actor his brother.

In the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1” a friend of Timur Eremeev Evgeniy Sokolov revealed shocking details of his past. As it turned out, in 2005 and together they rented an apartment for eight months. In a conversation with a neighbor, the artist did not mention that his father was Spartak Mishulin.

“He’s so vicious was. Dad’s a drunk, loser, dad was Sergei,” said the man.

Moreover, the man stated that their with Timur linked terrible secret. According to him, they were drugs. However, bear criminal responsibility for their deeds Eugene himself had – he graciously fulfilled the request of the roommate and lied to law enforcement.

“I was near the entrance was arrested along with him. Timur promised me, and said, “Yes, I will help you. Take, I took,” – said Sokolov.
Знакомый Тимура Еремеева заявил, что отсидел за него в тюрьме

A man confident in his words, and therefore willing to repeat the lie detector. Andrey Malakhov has promised that in the short program, the audience will know if the truth Eugene.

In one of the programs it was shown that Karina Mishulina because of a conflict with Timur Yeremeyev even went to the other side she posted the video, which depicted her visit to her grandmother Daria. The actress said she was doing it only for promotional purposes – in fact for any help from the fortune tellers and witches she didn’t go.

Experts in the Studio asked of Mishulin is why before the New year she and her daughter happily sat on the same sofa with Yeremeyev. Many people thought that the conflict is settled. However, Kareena said that I was on a talk show not on their own.

“Honest threats my family has reached such an extent that I was forced to go for it. What happened after? When I realized that I can’t betray my dad to accept, I was deprived of a career, it’s true,” said Karina.