A friend of the deceased star of “House-2”: “From her apartment stole $ 3 million and branded items”

Подруга погибшей звезды «ДОМа-2»: «Из ее квартиры украли 3 миллиона и брендовые вещи» The body of Polina Lobanova found on 4 June. According to the sister eks-participants “Houses-2”, the cause of death could be an overdose of illicit drugs. A friend of Kim and Tatiana Grafova today announced that from the apartment of the deceased lost valuables and money – more than three million rubles.
Подруга погибшей звезды «ДОМа-2»: «Из ее квартиры украли 3 миллиона и брендовые вещи»

On the morning of 4 July died one of the former participants of the reality show “DOM-2” Polina Lobanova. 20-year-old girl died under mysterious circumstances: according to one version, her body can not withstand excessive amounts of prohibited substances, on the other – she killed herself. Now police are investigating the case bodies.

Body of ex-member “House-2” found in the bathroom

Admitted as a friend of the deceased Tatiana Graph with which it was closely associated after they left the perimeter, after the death of Pauline from her house gone expensive clothes and a large sum of money.

“When the nurse came to take things from the flat Poly, you have not found a coat for 500 thousand rubles, or coat for 120 thousand. Disappeared and branded clothes, expensive headphones, clock. But most importantly, the lost cash. She had more than three million rubles – she was going to buy the car, but did not take the money in the Bank”, – said Tanya “StarHit”.
Подруга погибшей звезды «ДОМа-2»: «Из ее квартиры украли 3 миллиона и брендовые вещи»

Pauline lost his parents early – it was brought up by an older sister, Vasilisa. Graph assumes that such a large sum of money from a young girl could occur either through her own savings, or from the received inheritance after death of relatives.

“Pauline was studying to be a makeup artist. Also did not throw the sport – she worked as a coach – continues Tanya. Her sister now having a hard time, too many rumors and speculation. Recently Victoria has accused that she asked me to help her financially with the funeral of Pauline. In the end, have collected 15 thousand roubles. Funerals are expensive”.

Подруга погибшей звезды «ДОМа-2»: «Из ее квартиры украли 3 миллиона и брендовые вещи»

Tania also admitted that together with the sister of a friend willing to go through, just to find out what really happened on that fateful night. According to eyewitnesses, on the evening of 4 July Lobanov was partying in a night club, and, judging by appearance, was under the influence of illegal drugs.

“We met with the lawyer and discussed all the nuances. Want to find out details. For example, it turns out, the ambulance was called out to the club to Polina when she became ill. But some of those who were near, refused hospitalization. In this case, it should be documents, where all responsibility for this takes on a particular person, confessed Tanya. – We do not understand the behavior of Camilla, neighbor, Pauline, with whom she lived. She refuses any comment.”