Подруга погибшей Новоселовой раскрыла подробности ее связи с Шепсом Alsu Gaisanova told, what your relationship was her friend with another member of the mystical TV show “Battle of psychics”. The woman remembered when I first heard from novoselovoy about Cheese. A psychic claims that Ilona brought the medium to the transmission.
Подруга погибшей Новоселовой раскрыла подробности ее связи с Шепсом

As is well known to fans of the mystical show “Battle of psychics”, a few years ago Alexander Sheps and Ilona Novosyolov considered almost as a pair. Wizards looked great together and they were able to work together on tests. Presumably, they met long before the psychic came on the transmission.

We will remind, Ilona Novoselov was killed on June 13, fell from the sixth floor, Sheps left a sad post on the page in the social network, which noted that she will be missed in the world of magicians. Ilona Novoselova predicted his own death

Подруга погибшей Новоселовой раскрыла подробности ее связи с Шепсом“You were one of the strongest of us and You will be sorely missed. I learned in due time, learned the most worthy, the black Witch. You could be different, but always remained true… Ilonka, we are always going to love, and forget yourself, you will not allow us. Let the Transition will be easy, and our energies will help You at a new stage…” – wrote Alexander.

Then again many thought that a couple of really tied a romantic relationship. However, according to a friend Novoselova Alsou Gaisanova between the guys was never strong feelings. A friend of Ilona Novoselova: “Before she died, she wrote to the guy apartment”

“When I came to Moscow for the final seven “Battle” she was a friend of Sheps. He wanted to Ilona led receptions in his hometown. I explained to my friend that she did not need. In the end, I took away from it. He showed the disease”, – said Alsu.

Friend Novoselova argues that the Sheps began to have serious health problems.

“He took away from Ilona a year or two for sure. But when Ilona was not friendly, I was shocked to learn why she led him on “Battle”? If he’s been nasty and going against it. Then a friend told me that Sheps threw Ilona”, – said Alsu.

Recall that Novoselov took part in the sixth and seventh seasons of “Battle of psychics”. The witch reached the final, but the coveted blue hand has not won. Through several seasons on the transfer came Alexander Sheps. The young man luck, and he became the winner of the project. Then together, helping people to unravel the mysterious incident, by participating in the filming of “Psychics lead the investigation”.