Подруга Татьяны Лютаевой скончалась от рака The actress announced the death of production designer Catherine Zaletaeva. Earlier, Tatiana lutaeva, and her colleagues Ekaterina Klimova Tatyana Arntgolts wrote about the fact that a woman severe stage of cancer.

In December last year, Tatiana lutaeva, and her colleagues of the actress Ekaterina Klimova Tatyana Arntgolts appealed to the public with a call for help. Celebrity wrote that in trouble was a good professional and a good friend, 51-year-old Catherine Zaletaev. The doctors diagnosed an art Director with cancer. «Friends! Our great friend and a great man, a talented art Director movie Catherine Zaletaev, is in trouble! She was diagnosed with cancer, 4th stage,” wrote then lutaeva.

Ekaterina Klimova and Tatiana lutaeva save a dying from cancer artist

Zaletaeva had the surgery, she had a long period of rehabilitation and chemotherapy. But neither prayers, nor efforts doctors were unable to save Catherine. Tatiana lutaeva reported the death of a friend on his page in Instagram.

“Today was not the Catherine Zaletaeva. The bright memory. We will miss you…” – posted by Tatiana lutaeva.

Production designer Catherine Zaletaev, graduated from VGIK, has worked on 30 films. She was an artistic Director of such famous films as “In motion” with Konstantin Khabensky in the title role, “Kokoko” Dunya Smirnova Anna Mikhalkova, series “9 months” and Comedy “30 dates”. But in the film, Renata Litvinova “Goddess. I loved” Catherine even played a small episode.