A friend of Sobchak has prepared a suitcase of gifts for her first born

Подруга Собчак приготовила чемодан подарков для ее первенца Close stars are looking forward to the appearance of a new man. Ksenia Sobchak on the eve celebrated its 35th birthday this month should be a mother. Family TV presenter and her friends are in anticipation of the imminent happy event.

      November 5, famous TV presenter and editor of the fashion glossy magazine Ksenia Sobchak celebrated his birthday. The star turned 35 years old. However, in November the family celebrity it is expected an event that will Eclipse personal holiday Xenia. As you know, from day to day, the media personality will become a mother.

      But because the day before she received not only congratulations on the occasion of its 35th anniversary, but also the wishes associated with the upcoming birth of her first child. A close friend of Ksenia Sobchak, the author of popular cookbooks, entrepreneur and publisher nick Belotserkovsky are unable to be there for the birthday girl that day, as she is currently in Boston. Nick congratulated Xenia in the microblog, having promised soon to appear in her home with a suitcase full of gifts for the newborn.

      “My beloved, happy birthday to you! And all I have to say, I’ll tell you when I arrive with a suitcase of presents you yet another beautiful man!” – posted by Nika Belotserkovskaya.

      Subscribers writer decided that his post she alludes to the fact that Ksenia Sobchak has already become a mother. In the comments they put forward their assumptions on this topic. However, Nika Belotserkovskaya made clear that nothing of the kind she had in mind. “This is on what grounds you define it?”, the friend asked Sobchak, one of the girls, decided that Sobchak gave birth. More Belotserkovsky in a discussion with the followers did not enter.

      Many fans of Ksenia Sobchak looking forward to when she will become a mother, and therefore often wishful thinking. The information that the first-born celebrities must be born in the first days of November is only a suggestion. Because neither the Xenia Sobchak, nor her husband Maxim Vitorgan never voiced the approximate date of the birth of their baby. Moreover, none of the future parents during these months did not even comment on the fact of pregnancy. Obviously, Ksenia Sobchak wants this very personal topic do not become available to the General public. The pair conceals the sex of the baby even from close relatives.

      But despite the interesting position, the young woman continued to work and constantly appeared in public. Pregnant Ksenia Sobchak fun before the birth

      Besides, to keep yourself in good spirits and good form, Sobchak was doing yoga and swimming, as these areas of fitness is very useful for future moms.