Подруга Олега Табакова пролила свет на причины его конфликта с дочерью According to the insider, Alexander did not forgive the father through the Marina Suginoi. According to a source close to the former wife of film Director Lyudmila Krylova, for this reason, the heiress of the stars left the theatre, who led the tobacco.
Подруга Олега Табакова пролила свет на причины его конфликта с дочерью

In mid-March, family, friends and fans of Oleg Tabakov performed his last journey. The farewell was held in the Chekhov Moscow art theatre in the first row sat the widow of the artist Marina Zudina, as well as his children from different marriages – Anton, Paul and Mary. The daughter of maître Alexandra and her mother Ludmila was not present at the ceremony, which provoked discussion in the crowd. According to rumors, they never forgave Oleg Pavlovich care of the family.

“All this is true, but not quite,” says the actress, a friend of the first family Tabakov, who wished to remain anonymous. The woman shed light on the reasons why Alexander was not present at the farewell with his father. According to her version, she took offense at parents because of his patronage of Marina Suginoi. According to a source from the environment of Alexandra, Oleg Pavlovich never promoted heir and not offered work. Just got to the theater, which he directed. But once there appeared Zudina, she suddenly fell down role.

“Then as a mother daughter relationship like Cinderella, “Hold on snowflake in the fifth row”. And I would argue who is more talented – Marina Zudina or Alexander Tabakov. Play Sasha, by the way, it is possible to estimate the film “Little Vera”, where she played a small but powerful role. Sasha tried to tell father in injustice: why a new artist of such special treatment? He responded as usual: “just Bring yourself.” And then it became known that he and Marina romance. Sasha slammed the door and left the theatre,” says the insider.
Подруга Олега Табакова пролила свет на причины его конфликта с дочерью

Now the daughter of Lyudmila Ivanovna and Oleg Pavlovich is located in Moscow. According to the friend of the first wife of the master, Alexander broke up with her husband, who lived abroad.

“Well, Alexander Tabakov left the profession. Married a German, went to Germany and had a daughter. Then divorced and returned to Moscow. Wrote like a drunkard, is not true. She is doing well. Except that privacy was not able to arrange…” she said.

To his son Anton, Oleg Pavlovich is also treated harshly. “You should just make themselves”, he said to the children. At first Anton is also planned to become an actor, but his father criticized him. Tobacco believed that the artist of the eldest son of “so-so”.

The actress is close to the ex-wife of the Director, also recalled that Lyudmila Krylova at the time, helped him get a job. Once a future star of theatre and cinema was not accepted for lack of registration in the capital. Krylov ordered Tabakov in Moscow, reports “World news.”