Подруга Олега Табакова объяснила актерское забвение его дочери The successor of the actor and Director Alexander, who was born in his first marriage to Lyudmila Krylova, never forgave his father. The girl experienced a painful parental divorce. About it journalists were told by a friend of Oleg Tabakova Yuliya Kosareva.
Подруга Олега Табакова объяснила актерское забвение его дочери

12 Mar died legendary actor and Director Oleg Tabakov. At the farewell ceremony with the master of fans did not notice his first wife Lyudmila Krylova and a daughter Alexandra. Rumor has it that they never forgave the actor for leaving the family. If this is true, we can only guess. Lyudmila Ivanovna and Alexander Tabakov not give interviews on this topic. Recently, a friend of Oleg Pavlovich and his ex-wife Yulia Kosareva shared his view on his relationship with ex-wife and heir.

According to the friend Tabakov, she talked with him, and Krylova. In 1993, Kosarev found out that friends are getting a divorce at the initiative of Lyudmila Ivanovna. “Probably think I’m the one to blame? And I’m just tired and want to extend its life. With that, marriage is over!” – the Director said Julia. She was convinced the artist that he will soon tie the knot.

“As I went through their divorce? Difficult. And Oleg’s family man, and Lucy. All the blame was on Tabakova. Besides, Lucy was left alone: Anton, Sasha adults… And I chose her,” said Julia.
Подруга Олега Табакова объяснила актерское забвение его дочери

Tobacco and Krylov did not divide the property. Told their good friend, Oleg Pavlovich just paid ex-wife a certain amount. The money Lyudmila Ivanovna bought and furnished a home. Kosareva noted that Krylov has never said a single bad word about the ex-wife. “But he repeatedly rinsed the media in my life in the family,” she added.

According to Kosareva, mostly from the divorce affected the older children, Oleg Pavlovich – Anton and Alexander. At that time they were already adults with their lifestyle. “It was difficult to forgive his father for this situation,” – says Julia. Alexander soon left the “Snuff box”, in which he served.

“I think, could not bear that the wife-to-be father was sitting in the dressing room side by side. Before leaving the troupe, Sasha expressed to the father that thinks about him and his theatre. Faced two very strong character. And nobody made concessions,” said the friend Tabakov.
Подруга Олега Табакова объяснила актерское забвение его дочери

Over time, Anton reconciled with the father. Oleg Pavlovich went to the restaurants of the heir. The restaurant “Oblomov ‘” son of the master was named in his honor. But Alexander has not established communication with the parent.

A friend of Oleg Tabakov has shed light on the reasons for his conflict with his daughter

“Sasha’s acting life is over, although after “Snuff” it certainly would have taken any theatre, or whatever it wished. But as gossip about the divorce Tabakov did not stop — some sympathetic, others gloated, sachet, probably, did not want again to go to that dip. Conversations, discussions, questions… She has worked as a presenter on radio, appeared on television in the program for teenagers,” said Kosareva.

During the meeting with the magazine “Caravan of stories” friend Tabakov also noticed that he has changed after a second marriage. “Good, good, talented people. But the other,” said Yulia Kosareva.