A friend of Nikolai Godovikov told about his last days

Друг Николая Годовикова рассказал о его последних днях It became known yesterday about the death of the Soviet artist. Presumably, the actor died from cancer. Before the death of the yearlings was seriously ill and underwent long-term treatment in a medical facility.
Друг Николая Годовикова рассказал о его последних днях

Nikolai Godovikov has received wide popularity after the release of the film “White sun of the desert”. The role Petrucci brought the actor national love, but after a huge debut in his career, came oblivion.

According to media reports, Nicholas Godovikov, died at his home in St. Petersburg. Before his death, the actor had been ill, the doctors suspected he might have cancer. A friend of the deceased artist spoke about the latest request, Godovikova.

“The desire of Nicholas L. — buried next to his wife in the South cemetery,” — said Vyacheslav Smorodinov.
Друг Николая Годовикова рассказал о его последних днях

A friend said that recently the actor was in critical condition, he almost lost his voice. Before his death, Godovikova visited relatives who managed to say goodbye to him.

“I wanted to call an ambulance, but he refused. And in the 15 hours came his son and saw that he had already died,” said Smorodinov.

Journalists got in touch with Nikolai Godovikov a few years ago. As it turned out after the glory of the famous “Petrushka” three times I served sentence in prison. Star of Soviet cinema served 7.5 years. In recent times, Nicholas L. was released in the early 90s. He was working construction metro stations, suggestions from the Directors for it has ceased to act, he occasionally played cameo roles in theater and movies. Yearlings were married, three he is survived by two children – Mary and Artem.

In recent years, Nicholas L. lived in poverty. Forgotten artist helped a son and daughter, turned away from him all friends. The actor loved his dog, walked with her for hours. As recognized artist in one of his interviews, his only joy was his grandchildren.