A friend of Lyudmila Ryumina has revealed new details about her unknown spouse

Друг Людмилы Рюминой раскрыл новые детали о ее неизвестном супруге A friend of the actress said when she was combined by marriage. According to composer Igor Nadjiev Rumina got married this year. The last few months of his life, the singer struggled with cancer.
Друг Людмилы Рюминой раскрыл новые детали о ее неизвестном супруге

In early September, has left the life of folk-singer Ludmila Rumina. The singer suffered from cancer, but never told anyone about it. For many friends of the actress, her death was a real shock. A close friend of the star, the composer Igor nadjiev, said that Ryumin tried to keep the optimistic to the last.

“None of this and could not think. Returned from a tour that went online and saw the news about parting with Lyudmila. My heart didn’t stop. She had cancer, it is very few people talked about it. When she was told that she had cancer, didn’t give up and decided to fight to the end was treated in the hospital going through chemotherapy. As the doctors said, she was even improving. Luda had a fighting spirit, because there is her anniversary and jubilee of the founding of the folklore center. But now these anniversaries it will celebrate with God,” shared fellow artist.

By the way, Nagiev knows many other secrets Ryumina. Friend the folk singer claims he was aware of her wedding.

“They, in 2017 signed for and married Andrew. He was its Director, before that, they lived 20 years in a civil marriage. And during that time he became her mother by a man who literally devoted his life. He was very respectful of her and her mother”, – said Igor.

As reported to journalists by the employees of the Moscow cultural folklore centre of Lyudmila Ryumina, husband’s name is Andrey Zaleski. He does not communicate with the media, preferring to remain silent.

Informed about the existence of a spouse at Ryumina said her niece Larissa. “The husband she has, and no children, she said to reporters. But it is better not to speak. It’s personal, if nobody knew, then it was necessary.”

Niece of the late Lyudmila Ryumina blurted out that the husband of the singer

Najieb claims that Ryumin was a very strong woman. “Once people was in a car accident where she was badly damaged internal organs. And after that, the doctors said that she can’t have children. She knew perfectly well that if you meet a loved one, sooner or later he will want children… And she didn’t want to spoil the life. Unspent motherly love gave his center and tried to get as many of the children she studied,” – said Igor in an interview with “Interlocutor”.