A friend of ipoderac from Khabarovsk has shared details of their crimes

Подруга живодерок из Хабаровска поделилась деталями их преступлений The girl said in the program, as she showed the place where took place the massacre of animals. According to the friend committed the crime of students, she visited an abandoned hospital, from which ill-minded women made the pet cemetery. There was found about 15 torn Pets.

    Подруга живодерок из Хабаровска поделилась деталями их преступлений

    In the program “live” Boris Korchevnikov guests discussed a topic that excited all the social networks. A few days ago it became known about the atrocious killing of animals who have made two minor girls from Khabarovsk. 17-year-old Alina Orlova and 16-year-old Aliona Savchenko took dogs and cats from a shelter, and then arranged the murder in the abandoned hospital.

    According to invited to the Studio of a psychologist imanbaeva Erken, the girls clearly had mental problems because they went with the weird makeup similar to the coloring of the Satanist, and mercilessly discussed the issue of killing animals in social networks. Alina grew up in a prosperous family, her father is a Colonel, but nevertheless, her post is not just slipped theme of murder. In one entry, she even hinted that she would like to deal with his mother. Alain was raised by his grandmother, since her parents were deprived of parental rights.

    One of the participants was a friend of Savchenko Julia patsiuk. She told me that they studied together in College. 16-year-old girl who came to the program with my mother, lashed out with accusations that she is the accomplice, as it is not told about such cruelty to law enforcement.

    “I only know Alain. She was kind to me. If someone said something against me, she was always in trouble and defended me. Never saw cruelty, when she spoke,” – said the girl.
    Подруга живодерок из Хабаровска поделилась деталями их преступлений

    According to Yulia, she did not know Orlov. In an unfinished building where he committed atrocities on animals, the girl was once, as there is a beautiful view of the Amur. “Alain brought me there to show the place itself. We came back in April. It was shown that there is an abandoned building, a huge,” explained Patsyuk.

    Подруга живодерок из Хабаровска поделилась деталями их преступлений

    Hall felt that Savchenko was part of satanic group, which was led by clearly an adult. Most experts were surprised that a friend of one of ipoderac knows nothing about what is happening to the girl in the abandoned hospital with the poor animals. According to her, it was all about in July, and she’s never been in that place.

    “Somewhere in the middle of the summer she sent me the picture. The picture was of a dog, which in the area of the muzzle was blood. But the dog was alive. Subsequent photographs were not. I asked her what it is. She replied that it was yesterday or the day before,” admitted Julia.

    The audience didn’t believe the girl. Everyone felt that she was aware of what the friend. According to experts, is largely to blame social networks through which rivederci talked about their crimes.

    Volatile and Fedunkiv intervened in the scandal flayers from Khabarovsk

    Residents of Khabarovsk and other cities of Russia believe that Alain and Alina should be punished for their actions. According to some, the case students will be considered according to article 245 of the Criminal code “cruelty to animals”.

    In the air there was also the owner of the orphanage, where one of the criminals took the dog. According to the woman, she believed the teenager, who said that the animal was meant for her grandmother. Even after the murder of Inna Mikhailova told in the message that the dog is all right. She learned that the dog is dead from people who started calling her from different cities.