A friend of Ilona Novoselova: “Before she died, she wrote to the guy apartment”

Подруга Илоны Новоселовой: «Перед смертью она отписала парню квартиру» Alsu Gaisanova revealed unexpected details of the last months of the life of the witch. According to the psychic, and friend of the deceased, Ilona Novoselova was so in love with the boyfriend that gave him housing and helped to run a magical practice.
Подруга Илоны Новоселовой: «Перед смертью она отписала парню квартиру»

The finalist of “the battle of psychics” Ilona Novoselova died June 13. According to some reports, 29-year-old girl fell from the sixth floor window after an argument with her boyfriend, Artem * the AUD / USD. A familiar witch said that she foresaw his death. Alsu Gaisanova, which a few years ago lived with Ilona in the same apartment, told about how she remembered her friend and who is to blame for the deaths of Ilona. The star of “the battle of psychics” Ilona Novoselova found dead in Moscow

KAU says a friend of the witch, Novoselova was “godmother” to her daughter. A few years ago Alsu and Ilona shared a living space. “She was always in my field of vision. When I gave birth, Ilona got us with a child an apartment in Moscow. She always came when he was single. Ilona then I really helped, so I made her the godmother,” said the psychic, in an interview with “StarHit”.

According to a friend of Ilona, the deceased was very emotional and unstable person, which often was in a difficult situation.

Подруга Илоны Новоселовой: «Перед смертью она отписала парню квартиру»“There were people who were pulling her in black magic, and I wanted to make her a good, kind and bright. But it did not work. Ilona was the offended child,” said Gaisanova.

According to the woman, Novoselova had an awkward relationship with her mother. “Ilona told me she was walking. The girl had to sleep in the stairwell, the house is not opened. I always say: not the starter of children in magic, because it will end badly,” explained Julia.

The woman claims that the deaths of Ilona there are many questionable moments. A few days before the incident Alsu had a premonition of someone’s impending death. According to the clairvoyant, she foresaw the demise of the man who harmed her family.

“In a dream I saw a man’s hands will help to leave Ilona. They made some movement, and her soul went up”, – said Alsu.

According to Gaisanova, Ilona was a very trusting and simple person who could make friends with anyone. “She always wanted attention. When she came to our house, she has seen how we communicate with my mother. She was like a daughter to us. I saw her suffer. After that, she called her mother and apologized for the behavior,” said Alsu.

A psychic claims that: I wanted to unsubscribe. The witch went through some serious depression, so asked a friend with such a proposal.

“Help me to die,” she said. I was so afraid, she the day I called. She even offered me housing in exchange for his life”, – said Alsu.

Novoselova knew that she was not destined to live long. As said a friend of the witches, in that difficult period of Ilona contacted the man who hunted black magic. He burned her a new lifeline, saying that the witch will live to be 100 years old. The star of the TV show were two apartments in Moscow, one home she rewrote the young man.

Подруга Илоны Новоселовой: «Перед смертью она отписала парню квартиру»What he took, I don’t know. Know that applied for housing in Pavlovskiy Posad. The man did so that we had an argument. And I told her I was gone, so tired of this dirt. Artem started to give with her techniques, sat on her neck. In one day he deleted all of her social media pages. I was also told that she wrote to him his apartment.

Alsu says that Ilona did not get enough attention of the opposite sex. The girl needed to be near her always had a boyfriend. Last love lost witch Ilona Novoselova

Подруга Илоны Новоселовой: «Перед смертью она отписала парню квартиру»“Men could not tolerate her antics. There was one whom she bullied and cursed. She always liked handsome boys. And there were guys who ran away from her”, – said Alsu.

The psychic says that Novoselov sometimes cast curses on other people, she just did not like. According to Amina, Ilona largely helped the guys she likes. As he told Gaisanova of their mutual friends, the last boyfriend witch was a native of Chelyabinsk.

“She could say, “Come and live”. She had enough money. If she put him to conduct receptions, he felt the money. Everyone wanted to Shine next to her,” said the psychic.

Alsou was surprised by the fact that the footage field drop Ilona was in the Shoe. Because until the moment of death the girl was at home. First, the woman believed that she could decide on such a desperate act. However, according to the expert in white magic, now Novoselova haunts her, comes in dreams and asks to tell everyone the truth.

“They have had four serious scandal when he insulted her, calling in different words,” said Gaisanova.

Alsou says she received information that Artem will conduct receptions on behalf of Ilona and sent to the project “fight of psychics”. According to reports guy: gave him a gift. A friend of the deceased explained that these words have no relation to reality, since the girl’s death was sudden, and she didn’t have time to do it.

“I was a lifeline. Close to me the man who observes the laws of Orthodoxy, said that he received the vision: this demons was pushed. The signs, everything is pointing to the last guy. He drove her to it. I think they are even fought”, – said Alsu.