A friend of Dmitry Kogan told about his condition before his death

Подруга Дмитрия Когана поведала о его состоянии перед смертью
On Tuesday died the famous violinist Dmitry Kogan, who was unable to defeat cancer.

Подруга Дмитрия Когана поведала о его состоянии перед смертью

Daughter Valentina Tereshkova, Elena, who is friends with the family of the violinist, told reporters that Dmitry was treatments to fight cancer.

“The whole year he persistently treated. He had melanoma — skin cancer. The last treatment took place in Israel. On 17 August he was transferred from Israel to Moscow. Doctors gave recommendations. He waited in the Oncology research Institute.Herzen, where the best in our country, experts in this field. But Dima went to commercial the clinic and a week later died there. Doctor of a private clinic has claimed responsibility and for some reason he changed the destination of Israeli doctors. In that situation, which was Dima, it was impossible to do sharp movements. But now to talk about it. Dima will not return…” said the woman.

According to Elena, Dmitry envied by many, even my own father who was not interested in the education of his son after the divorce with his wife.

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