A friend of Anna Semenovich told the truth about the groom singer

Подруга Анны Семенович рассказала правду о женихе певицы
The singer was suspected of cheating.

Anna Semenovich and Ekaterina Odintsova

Photo: @ann_semenovich Instagram Anna Semenovich

A friend of Anna Semenovich — Ekaterina Odintsova revealed all the “maps” singer Girl in his microblog admitted that Anna’s heart is still free.

Despite the rumours about the secret engagement, the mayor, a friend of the singer insists that Anna soon established his personal life and even offered their help.

“When I put in the social network photo with my beauty, my male friends start to beg or even demand that I have them with Anna. Requests so much that I thought maybe arrange a special dinner, collect all the candidates and give each candidate a 10-minute short-presentation? Anya, you like the idea? Another way is unlikely to succeed, you always no time: the plays, the concerts…” — has told Odintsov subscribers.

Incidentally, not so long ago on the ring finger Anna has a ring, much like an engagement. Fans speculated, trying to figure out a potential husband, the mayor.