A friend of Alena’s Epinoy hinted at the true reason for her divorce

Подруга Алены Апиной намекнула на истиную причину ее развода Natalia Shturm explained why there was a rift in the family singer and producer. Alena Apina has decided to break up with her husband Alexander Iratov after 25 years of marriage. Artist did not explain the reason, just noting that it’s time to do it.

      Подруга Алены Апиной намекнула на истиную причину ее развода

      About a month ago, the singer Alena Apina announced on his page in the social network that is divorcing her husband Aleksandr Iratov after 25 years of marriage. “Life is much wiser than many of us. We with Alexander there are no rival in love and there is no great global causes for this step. It’s just time”, – explained his decision by the star of the 90s. However, fans and some friends of the ex-soloist of group “the Combination” claim that a woman could hide the real family relationships.

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      In the program “live” Boris korchevnikov decided to discuss what had caused the discord in the family of the artist. Guest in the Studio was Natalie Storm, a friend of the singer. Besides, the audience was shown fragments from 2011, where Apina and Aratov talked about family life and how they met. Actress and producer met for the first time at the festival in Tashkent, where he performed “Combination”.

      The life of the representatives of show business was not easy. Apina admitted that she spent three years caring for her husband. The initiative to get married came from her. As noted by Natalia Shturm, her friend knew how difficult it would be to live with the producer around which often appear talented women.

      “Alena is a wonderful man, with such patience. To withstand of the producer is very, very hard. Because the producers are all sociopaths, neurotics and all on the outside of the wave,” said Storm.
      Подруга Алены Апиной намекнула на истиную причину ее развода

      Present in Studio guests noted that Natalya is holding something back. Besides, in some interview of Iratov said: “We part from one another, give personal space, so marriage is a long life”. According to experts, when the spouses agree to this, this already leads to discord in the family.

      – Alena Apina wrote that there are no rival in love, is it true or not? – asked Boris korchevnikov Natalia.

      – Are you asking me? I don’t exactly have to do with this.

      – Whether Iratov she was wrong? You told me behind the scenes…

      “I don’t know. I do not exclude that the producer had something to seek, to find, to lose. They have for a career is the amount of temptations and so many women who want to have something… It may not be in the nature of infidelity, it may be in the nature of the process,” said Natalia.
      Подруга Алены Апиной намекнула на истиную причину ее развода

      By the way, Apina also divorced her first husband. Now they do not communicate. Valery Avidovich APIN lives in Saratov, where Alena was born, and works at the art school. She did not abandon names even when separated from her husband, because that’s what her memorized audience.

      In the program made a friend Epinoy Vitaly Okorokov, who was in love with her. He noted that shocked by this news. “They have one without the other would not have reached. He “placed” on the song “Ksenia,” recalled a man. Hams with kindness recalls Alain. According to him, he was struck by the artist. “She’s a very intelligent woman, very educated,” said Vitaly, who once invited her into the group “Combination”.