A fresh novel by Stephen king will become a TV series

Свежий роман Стивена Кинга станет сериалом

Stephen king is one of the most frequently “filmed” authors. Many novels the author got his film or TV version. Today it became known that to this number is added to another. Western media reported that the company Anonymous Content have acquired the rights to the film adaptation of the novel “Sleeping beauty”.

Co-author Stephen in writing a Thriller was made by his son Owen.
In the book there is a speech about inhabitants of the American town in the Appalachian mountains, which for some reason fall asleep into a deep slumber, turning at the same marriedname cocoons. Wake up women is impossible, because as soon as someone approaches the cocoon, women agressiruesh, brutality. Of course, because of these circumstances, the family many of the citizens destroyed. Men and children suffer, but can’t do anything to fix the situation. For some reason, only one woman passed the fate to plunge into sleep. Now the citizens have to find out she’s a demon who supervises the whole business or the Savior.

A new novel will be available in September. When will start work on the series is unknown.