A former producer of “the Ural pelmeni” commented on the rumors about the lost court

Бывший продюсер «Уральских пельменей» прокомментировал слухи о проигранном суде Members of Sergei Natascha denied the information about the lost business. According to the PR agent of a producer, “Ural dumplings” specially distribute facts that is untrue.
Бывший продюсер «Уральских пельменей» прокомментировал слухи о проигранном суде

For many months the team “Ural dumplings” is suing former producer Sergey Nitievskiy. Ex-Director accuses the team of comedians that they had illegally signed a contract with the CTC, earning several hundred million rubles.

But do “Ural dumplings” I think the producer had the rights to distribute the recording of the anniversary concert of the team “We are 16 years — Because a gladiolus”.

June 25 regular meeting of the court. After some time, began to appear information that Sergey Nitievskiy lost a dispute over the rights to distribute the recording of the anniversary concert. Representatives of the “Ural dumplings” claimed that the former producer now has to pay them five million rubles.

However, members of Sergei denied this information. “StarHit” contacted a PR agent of the producer, which explained the situation.

“We don’t quite understand the joy of “dumplings.” 25 Jun Preobrazhenskiy district court of Moscow satisfied the claim of the team “Ural dumplings” to Neieskau S. A. But, at the same time, was partially satisfied requirements of the company LLC “first Hand Media”, which has a direct bearing on the head of the team Evgeny Orlov in 2012 he was CEO and shareholder of the company. Moreover, the requirements were based on the events of 2012, when Orlov was a Director and shareholder of the company”, – said the representative of the producer.

Thus, the approval of the “Ural dumplings” on the court won’t quite correspond to the reality. Also at the meeting were able to establish that the team members know about the filming of their anniversary concert and future use of this recording.

“Given the specificity of creative activity of the team “Ural dumplings”, P. Nitievskiy was entitled to grant the rights to the concert of the STS as it was at that moment the producer of the team. Therefore, all the talk about violations of the rights of team members contravene the provisions of the current legislation, actual circumstances of business”, – said the representative of the producer.

Sergei himself prefers not to comment on the situation. Earlier the man told me that he had started to work on new projects. He did not slow down the pace of creative activity due to problems with the “Ural dumplings.”

In the near future will be held another meeting of the court. It will decide on the rights to 73 of the archive edition of the show “Ural dumplings”. Recall that according to statements Natascha Evgeny Orlov, working as a Deputy General Director of “obsessed media” has transferred the rights to a controversial program for low remuneration in the amount of 861 400 rubles.

After just ten days later he signed a contract with broadcaster CTC to the stream of releases in the amount of 231 million 280 thousand rubles. Thus, Sergei, who was the producer of “Ural dumplings”, suffered significant losses.

Fans of the band expect scandalous situation will be resolved soon and will not affect the creative activity of representatives of both parties.

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