Бывшая танцовщица go-go стала депутатом Омского горсовета

In the media and social networks, much discussion charming Little Omichka Ekaterina.

Today 25-year-old girl, who became famous in social networks due to the previous club, at the meeting of Omsk city Council was awarded the certificate of the Deputy. Previously, Little was known in our city as a dancer, go-go one of the most popular clubs of Omsk. Her candid photos and the information that Catherine will become a Deputy, has caused heated and controversial discussion on the Internet. Some residents are outraged by the fact that power attracts such people, and others don’t see anything wrong. However, the girl denied that he worked at the club and says that all the photos were taken a long time (judging from the page Vkontakte in 2012-2013) and costume parties. What is the truth?

We will remind that the girl has got the mandate to the city Council, as it was in the list of the liberal democratic party for Anton by Berendeeva, who retired to the legislative Assembly. The party members describe her as a responsible and hardworking girl.

I didn’t have this information, and now the data are only from the press. As far as I know, a dancer she’s not working, otherwise would have been recorded in the workbook. But it is not. She just participated in some costumed show. Many people in the New year too, dress up in costumes and dance and now. I have to claim it was not – a qualified specialist, she has higher education, – said the Deputy from LDPR Alexey Lozhkin, which Catherine worked as an assistant to the correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Today, October 26, Catherine participated in a meeting of Omsk city Council as a Deputy. At the moment, Young has a position in a Bank. Based on her personal page in the social network, it has young people, she loves animals, enjoys photo art and enjoying life. Her status, which she hasn’t updated since June, says: “Life is good”.