A former colleague of Andrei Malakhov revealed the secret of his success

Бывшая коллега Андрея Малахова раскрыла секрет его успеха Tatyana Pushkin has described the phenomenon well-known TV presenter, who decided to take a break from the rapid-employment. The woman considers that Andrey Malakhov has an incredible temperament, which helps it to remain a sought-after professional.
Бывшая коллега Андрея Малахова раскрыла секрет его успеха

Day after day, discussing the news that Andrey Malakhov leaves the program “Let them talk”. The TV reporter decided to step away from work and focus on the family, which will soon be replenished. Information about care a leading one of the most popular television shows of the country and provoked lively discussions in the Network. Many fans of the transmission could not believe the personnel changes on the First channel.

Andrey Malakhov: “Natasha is waiting for the firstborn”

Journalists contacted the former colleague Andrei Malakhov Tatyana Pushkina. The famous host explained what is the phenomenon of the popularity of a TV journalist.

“First, he attends every home. And, of course, he is an extremely charismatic man, I always bribed. I remember when he first started, then we agreed that we will conduct the program “Morning” on the First channel… I think that by temperament he was a surprising choice to most of our audience…
Бывшая коллега Андрея Малахова раскрыла секрет его успеха

It continues to be a living person. (…) It seems to me that he does not burn out emotionally, despite the fact that working in the program where endless lawsuits, squabbles and human destiny. It is close to us, he is able to gather around him a large audience,” said the woman.

Monday, August 14, on the First channel showed the air of “Let them talk” Dmitry Borisov. The program remembered the most resonant stories of recent years, and interviewed the heroes talk show and colleagues of Andrey Malakhov. 31-year-old new host of announced upcoming releases of the project.

In the Network appeared the issue “Let them talk” with new host

Бывшая коллега Андрея Малахова раскрыла секрет его успеха“The fun we will have tomorrow. Wait,” – said Dmitry.
Бывшая коллега Андрея Малахова раскрыла секрет его успеха

One of the guests was the stylist Vladislav Lisovets. Designer who often appears to speak as an expert, stated that everyone has the right to a well-deserved rest.

“Awesome, easy, professional, handsome man who is incredibly cool leads and will lead another this… no Matter what channel. It will make it incredibly cool. Look, everyone needs to relax. (…) And remember his laugh, he laughs incredibly. When you meet him at some party, joke and say something, they would immediately turn around” – shared Lisovets.

In a recent interview with former colleague Andrei Malakhov Tatiana Pushkin said that we should not worry about the fate of “Let them talk”. “The program has a rigid schema, so it will be fine” – quoted a woman “Newspaper.ru”.