A former boyfriend told the details of the funeral of George Michael

Бывший бойфренд рассказал подробности похорон Джорджа Майкла

Ex-boyfriend of George Michael Kenny Goss told the media about how the funeral of his former lover. The man gave an interview with the Sun, which revealed details of the sad ceremony. In particular. Kenny protested that Fadi Fawaz too late for the burial ceremony and the service of the Church.

“I have no idea why Fadi Fawaz late. I was close with the family of George and Fadi took the opposite direction,” said Kenny.
Recall that Fawaz then complained to the media that the family of Michael hiding from him time and burial place of George. He even called the wrong place, but in the end he had to say goodbye to the singer before he betrayed the earth. Goss apparently was not aware of the strained relationship between the Barber and the family of the artist, who considers stylist “a leech, sucked the money out of George.”
Michael died on Christmas morning at age 53, and was buried only on 29 March, after carrying out all necessary examinations. Relatives of the singer contacted Kenny and asked him to come – after all, they met with Jrgen for 15 years from 1996 to 2011. The death of an ex boyfriend became a hit for Goss, although to be expected – it is many years after separation asked the singer to stop using drugs.
“I’m not crying, I just thought, “That’s all. Here he is in front of me in a coffin. I introduced him to the young, at the age of 33, in his beautiful suit and watch from Cartier”. I touched his coffin, as if to his arm. I just wanted to know what he found rest,” said Kenny.
Relatives did not want to invite Elton John and Kate moss, not to turn the funeral into a secular event, but Halliwell-Horner received an invitation. She and George were very friendly, and Jerry was just crushed with grief.
“I think she came to the Church much earlier than the rest. She was given the word in the farewell speech,” recalls Goss.
According to the lover, there were no anthems, no pictures of George, and not one of his songs during the ceremony and not played. Everything went well, as would Michael.
“The whole ceremony lasted less than an hour. He kept himself and controlled his emotions. The only one who trembles is the Ambassador of Greece. We laid to the grave of George roses – his favorite flowers,” said Goss.
Recall that George and Kenny broke up because of drug addiction Michael. Goss wanted a new sober life, but the famous lover chose to remain in a drugged dope. They broke up and Kenny went to another city. All these years, they kept in touch and ex boyfriend were not a little alarmed by the condition of the singer, in which he stayed several months before her death. He was miserable and, it seems, took everything that came his way, in order to change their sad reality.