Бывший телохранитель Леди Дианы считает, что её можно было спасти

The tragic death of Princess Diana forever, probably will remain a mystery. Already twenty years have passed since then, in Paris, fleeing from the paparazzi at the entrance to the tunnel crashed ex-wife of Prince Charles and the mother of his two sons, her fiance Dodi al Fayed, bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones. While the public is wondering whether it was an accident or the death of Lady Di was involved the British secret service, her former security guard named Ken wharfe expressed his opinion: it was a tragedy that could have been prevented.

Driver Henry, who went on the chase and was carrying the famous couple and their guard, was drunk.
“From the height of my experience I would say that Diana’s death was not murder, it was an accident that could have been prevented. The Princess didn’t become the victim of some conspiracy, she died because of a decision taken by Dodi al fieedom and his bodyguard to sit in the car, at the wheel which was the drunk people,” said Ken, who retired four years before the death of Diana.
After parting with Charles, Diana flatly refused the offer of Queen Elizabeth II to provide her with round the clock security. Wharf believes that the guard, who must always follow the order, was to insist that the safety belt on each of the passengers was wearing a seat belt. He had no doubt that if at that moment the Princess was he or someone from his team, Diana would still be alive.

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