A former bodyguard has revealed what he is most afraid of Angelina Jolie

Бывший телохранитель раскрыл, чего больше всего боится Анджелина Джоли
Mark Billingham has told about his life in the family of Jolie and pitt.

Бывший телохранитель раскрыл, чего больше всего боится Анджелина Джоли

Mark Billingham

Mark Billingham, which for 6 months was performed
the work of the bodyguard star couple, decided to share the story of their work
protect Angelina and brad (who are currently undergoing through a scandalous divorce) and their six children. As recognized by mark, this lesson
was much harder than service in the army, and he was a soldier on
for as much as 27 years! Moreover, Billingham was not in any member
unit, and an elite British counter-terrorist forces. About his
work in the family Jolie he told the reporter of Daily Mail.

His responsibilities, as explained by Billingham, included
lot: protection of the stars and their children from the paparazzi too Intrusive and arrogant
fans, protection pair from serious attacks during their risky voyages —
as for example, a trip of Angelina in Iraq and Syria, and even … care about their image!
Mark said that he had to take care that the car was always
spare sets of clothing for the whole family — just in case someone’s outfit
will be stained or ripped. But the main task that was set before him
Jolie, was to protect children from abduction. As reported by Billingham, more
all 41-year-old Angelina is afraid that any of her adorable six Chad
kidnap for ransom.

therefore, Jolie and hired such an experienced person like mark. And it is fully
justified her trust. Mark lived in the couple’s home constantly and so managed to make friends with
children that they considered him their “second father.” By the way, told
Billingham, the real father of the kids –
is pitt that he seemed nice, but not a particularly courageous guy. Mark,
which will soon become the leading show in the style of “survivor” on television,
honestly, that pitt he there would never took. “No idea
what would he do in the jungle without your moisturizer or sunscreen.
It is too delicate for the harsh life!” said Billings. “But Angelina
would be quite. It probably would have lasted to the end. It in this family “wears the pants”… said mark.

Interestingly, Billingham in his interview was omitted
why he lost his job. Meanwhile, as said the gossips, he was fired brad, and after
suspected of flirting with Angelina… Well, that was just a rumor caught
“in the place of the crime” mark was not.

Mark Billingham,Angelina Jolie brad pitt and children